Amplifier and Indiegogo
January 7, 2015 · IGG

A New Partnership: Indiegogo and Amplifier


Amplifier and Indiegogo

From the floor of CES 2015, we’re excited to officially announce a partnership with Amplifier, a leading full-service production company based in Austin, Texas.

Amplifier enables campaign owners to easily produce, package and ship perks including shirts, hats, mugs, stickers and other items. As a one-stop-shop, Amplifier can design, produce and ship promised perks to contributors on behalf of past and current campaign owners.

We’re committed to providing simple and streamlined solutions for both the contributor and campaign owner, and in the coming months, will expand this product integration to further streamline and simplify perk development and delivery for campaigners.

Best of all, any Indiegogo campaign that uses Amplifier’s services will receive a 10% discount on Amplifier fees, as well as personalized support from Amplifier customer service team, which includes coaching, a best practices toolkit, and shipment tracking tools.

We’re excited about this brand new partnership and what it means for campaigners and contributors alike. For more information, visit

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