May 18, 2015 · IGG

Spotify and Indiegogo Make Music Change _________.



As a global platform focused on bringing people together to make big things happen, our ecosystem of passionate campaigners and contributors is an integral part of Indiegogo’s core company mission. Similarly, Spotify thrives on the collaboration of music-lovers worldwide to share and discover the tracks they love.

Spotify is now supporting several initiatives on Indiegogo that are making a change through music—leveraging both its own and Indiegogo’s communities to maximize the difference we can make.

Starting with Starkey Hearing Foundation, an organization that works with local and international teams to provide hearing care to hundreds of thousands every year, each Indiegogo campaign featured by Spotify has several unique ways that you can get involved.

Share a project to raise awareness, listen to the music created by young artists or contribute to a campaign that touches your heart at

Let’s make music change and together, do anything.