Indiegogo is a truly global platform – every week we distribute funds to campaigners in 70-100 countries. Campaigners can easily connect with contributors on the other side of the globe, which presents unique challenges for campaigners – one of which is collecting payments to ship their perks around the world.

We’re introducing a new shipping tool today that makes it easy for campaigners to collect shipping payments from all contributors. Our shipping tool lets any campaigner indicate what countries their perks ship to and collect shipping payments from contributors for each perk.

For each perk that you offer, you can indicate whether a perk ships to one county, a handful of countries, one region, or anywhere in the world – and set different shipping prices for each perk based on location.


Contributors pay for shipping when they contribute to your campaign.


Best of all, our shipping tool is available to all campaigners starting today.

If your campaign is currently live and you already accepted contributions for some perks, not to worry – you can still use the shipping tool. See our FAQ to learn more.

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