Today we’re introducing Shipping Now, a new way to explore perks from popular Indiegogo campaigns. We know individuals contribute to campaigns for several different reasons, one being that they’re interested in getting a specific perk, whether that’s a new wearable, innovative drone, or unique film. With thousands of popular campaigns already in InDemand, we wanted to create an easy way for individuals to explore and buy perks that are already shipping. Explore Shipping Now >>


Here’s how it works:

  • Each perk in Shipping Now is offered by a popular Indiegogo campaign who’s now in InDemand and already shipping completed perks.
  • Anyone can explore Shipping Now, select and pay for a “Shipping Now” perk, and the perk will be shipped within two weeks.
  • The Indiegogo team works with campaigners to verify that each perk is already shipping before being included in Shipping Now.
  • InDemand participants are still responsible for fulfilling and shipping all orders they receive.

Shipping Now is now another step forward into commerce, continuing the success of InDemand, which gives any campaigner that meets their campaign goal the option to continue raising funds after their campaign ends. Since officially launching in January 2015, InDemand has allowed thousands of popular campaigns to generate millions of dollars in additional contributions and pre-orders.

Shipping Now launches today with more than 15 perks from popular campaigns, including Trackr Bravo and SkyBell, and will grow to include additional perks over the coming months. Explore Shipping Now >>

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