Help Fatima End Bonded Labor
August 19, 2015 · IGG

By the Numbers: The World Unites to End Modern-Day Slavery


Help Fatima End Bonded Labor

Syeda Ghulam Fatima risks her life daily to free laborers in Pakistan from what is essentially modern-day slavery. In rural areas where work is scarce, Pakistani men and women are forced to take loans from brick kiln owners, which they pay off with manual labor. When the labor period has ended, the workers find that their debt has actually increased as the kiln owners tack on unexpected exorbitant interest rates, and thus the cycle begins again.
Despite the constant hostility and violent retaliation from the kiln owners, Fatima’s commitment to her NGO, the Bonded Labour Liberation Front has never faltered. The Freedom Centers she operates provides protection and legal counsel for bonded laborers who have nowhere else to turn.  This week, the creator of Humans of New York is telling Fatima‘s story to the world, and raising funds to help her end the exploitation, and the support from the international community is astounding. In just 72 hours, people from 133 countries came together to raise over $1.7 million. View more key statistics from the first 72 hours of this inspiring fundraiser in the infographic below.

Fatima Ends Bonded Labor Fundraiser Infographic
To see current stats, visit the fundraiser on Indiegogo Life and donate to help support the cause.

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