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September 24, 2015 · IGG

Maximizing Crowdfunding Campaigns with InDemand


crowdfund Indiegogo projects

When we first launched InDemand in September 2014, we wanted campaigners to be able to keep raising funds for their innovative ideas long after their campaigns ended. After all, each of our campaigners works hard to build momentum during the campaign, sharing their dreams with the crowd and receiving validation for their ideas. Because they’ve already found success and an engaged community on Indiegogo, the natural next step is for campaigners to continue raising funds for their campaigns even after the end date.

InDemand is a feature that makes it easy for any campaigner who reaches his or her goal to keep raising funds after the campaign ends. Campaign owners can continue accepting contributions, growing their communities, reaching new audiences and receiving ongoing exposure through the Indiegogo platform. Through the familiar Indiegogo interface, InDemand participants can capture profitable customers, analyze customer data, send ongoing communications and manage orders – all from a single, easy-to-use platform.


Why Should I Use InDemand?

InDemand lets anyone, anywhere contribute to your campaign even after the initial end date passes. You can keep your page live as long as you would like, making it a central location for you to keep track of everything related to your campaign. Not only can you leverage your existing network of contributors, but you can continue to reach new audiences and cultivate and expand your network. Rather than starting from scratch, you can take advantage of accumulated press coverage and existing SEO value that you worked hard to create during your campaign. You can even add new and unique perks to keep your audience engaged with your ideas long after the initial campaign is fulfilled.

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Not only are you able to leverage and maximize your existing efforts, but opting into InDemand also gives you the opportunity to gain additional exposure through the Indiegogo community. Whether it’s on, in the weekly newsletters or via our social media channels, InDemand campaigns are regularly featured within the Indiegogo ecosystem. 15 million people visit Indiegogo each month and regularly see, discover and contribute to InDemand creations.


InDemand Success Stories

Since our launch earlier this year, we’ve some some great campaigns find huge success with InDemand. Here are just a few examples to inspire you.


Bluesmart: the world’s first smart, connected carry-on suitcase is the next generation of luggage, equipped with a battery charger, location tracking, a smart scale, trip data, a bluetooth lock and more. Bluesmart originally set their goal at $50,000, but completely blew it out of the water by raising $1.3 million in less than two months. Since entering InDemand, Bluesmart has raised an additional $823k, enabling thousands of people worldwide to travel smarter.

Bluesmart success story

“For us, Indiegogo has been an essential partner for our inception into the market. In our initial crowdfunding campaign, the team at Indiegogo was really supportive and helpful by giving us advice on how to better present our product and campaign. As a result of that we had a terrific success well beyond our expectations.

After that, we were invited to be one of the first projects to try InDemand, as a way to continue taking pre-orders for our product. That resulted in thousands of additional orders, which is great as it helps us increase our production quantity and grow our community.

We have many entrepreneurs coming to us now asking for advice on their upcoming crowdfunding campaigns and we keep recommending Indiegogo. The team and the platform they provide can be game changing for entrepreneurs looking to bring new products to the market.

– Diego Saez-Gil, CEO and co-founder of Bluesmart

Bluesmart Indiegogo InDemand


Geek Pulse

The Geek Pulse DAC is a high resolution converter that improves sonic quality of audio, bringing high-end audio to the masses. Their original goal of $38,000 was shattered, raising $1.17 million in two months and proving that the world wants better sound. Since entering InDemand, Geek Pulse has raised an additional $1.8 million, bringing high definition sound to people around the world.

Geek Pulse successful crowdfunding

“When we launched our Geek Pulse campaign, we decided to do it on Indiegogo for a couple of important reasons. First, Indiegogo’s team is awesome. They reached out to us and helped us tweak our message to get the most conversion possible. Second, we wanted to be able to add perks throughout the campaign, and Indiegogo’s platform allows for that flexibility. Third, Indiegogo’s back-end dashboard gives us more metrics than any other platform we’ve tried. With all the information we have at our fingertips, we’re able to manage our campaign on-the-fly, making sure it converts visitors into backers.

InDemand has been a vital component of our company’s success. With a built-in base of backers, and with a staggering $2.9M+ in contributions on one InDemand page alone, visitors feel at ease pre-ordering our products because they’ve seen so many others pre-order, receive, and enjoy their products. It adds a sense of reassurance that doesn’t exist during the initial crowdfunding campaign. Because of this, I always recommend that campaigners choose InDemand after their initial campaign ends.”

– Gavin Fish, Marketing & Communications Lead for Geek Pulse

Indiegogo InDemand Geek Pulse



Plexidrone is not only ultra-portable, but it includes everything you need to capture stunning aerial footage straight out of the box. By making a user-friendly product, Plexidrone was able to smash its goal of $1,000 by raising $1 million in just under two months. Since entering InDemand, Plexidrone has raised an additional $1.3 million, making high-quality aerial photography accessible to anyone.

successful crowdfunding campaigns Plexidrone

“Our InDemand strategy built heavily on our initial campaign strategy.

We wanted our backers to connect with us and our company, backers generally don’t connect with a product unless they connect with the company and the individuals behind it first. During the initial campaign we went out of our way to allow backers to get to know more about our company and our team, this we continue to do. It helps to build trust and make an emotional connection with our backers.

We constantly keep our backers, supporters, and followers posted on what’s happening with the company and the product through email, social media, or Indiegogo. We also make sure that backers, interested parties, etc. can easily reach out to us through these channels, and that we reply in a timely manner.”

– Marisa Grace, COO & Co-founder of Plexidrone

Plexidrone Indiegogo InDemand


It’s our hope that all campaigners continue to find success even after their campaigns are over. We built InDemand as a way for campaign owners to keep raising funds after the initial campaign ends, while continuing to maximize all their efforts they put into the original campaign. Whether you’re thinking about starting a campaign or already running one, choosing to opt-in to InDemand can be a great option for your dreams to live on long after the initial campaign ends.


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