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September 25, 2015 · IGG

Go Time Podcast: Bluesmart & Miss Possible Discuss Campaign Success


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This month we sat down with two very different Indiegogo campaigns, showcasing how diverse, innovative and inspiring our campaigners truly are. First up is Bluesmart, the world’s smartest suitcase that keeps you connected and secure everywhere you go. They successfully raised $1.3 million in less than two months and went on to join our InDemand program to raise an additional $823k to date. Miss Possible is a brand of dolls designed to introduce girls to strong role models and help them build skills and confidence. Miss Possible raised nearly $90k last year to help empower young girls worldwide to be strong, confident women.

Bluesmart: World’s First Smart, Connected Carry-On

Bluesmart smart suitcase

Diego was tired of losing his luggage & running out of cell charge at the airport, so he created Bluesmart – now he’s making waves in both tech and luggage while traveling peacefully. In our first ever live episode, Diego shares insights about creating a luggage company with zero industry background live in front of Indiegogo staff.


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Miss Possible: Dolls to Inspire Across Generations

Miss Possible empowering dolls

The creators of Miss Possible are revolutionizing the toy doll industry by eradicating dated stereotypes of traditional dolls and replacing them with positive, female role models. This may seem like a simple concept, but tackling a $2billion industry steeped in decades of tradition is no easy task, especially for two students with little experience. Lucky for us, Supriya and her co-founder Janna know no fear and decided to take matters into their own hands to create a new doll that is fun, educational and inspiring all at the same time. For more info or to order your own Miss Possible doll, visit


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