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September 28, 2015 · In The News

In the World This Week: The Moon in Your Room and Road Tripping to the Pope


Luna light Indiegogo
Maybe if he wasn’t in Canada (I’m not going to make an anti-Canada joke because I hear that place is kind of awesome) we would know that Steve Tam, Marketing Manager for Canada, is kind of a master of wisdom. In his keynote at the Fireside Conference he gave some great tips from his “Mastering Yourself” program on how to love your job and love your life. We should all strive to be so enlightened. Slava Rubin, CEO, also made his monthly appearance on Squawk Alley, where he commented on the latest iAnnouncements and Netflix and Amazon Emmy winners, and what that means for the Future of the Internet.

Tech News

If you keep going on first dates and can’t figure out why you don’t make it to a second you might want to bring the romance of the moonscape inside. Luna is an LED-lamp that looks like the moon. and can be placed on an end table, hung overhead, or it can just roll around on your floor if you’re feeling wild and don’t mind a broken leg. DISCLAIMER FOR SERIOUS ASTRONOMERS: it is not topographically accurate.

After nearly being beheaded by a rogue drone this morning, I’m glad to hear about the nifty (yeah I said nifty, leave me alone) features that make the FlyBi drone easy and fun to control. If you’re not prone to motion sickness and have always wanted to be a bug, you can wear goggles that see exactly what your drone sees, and even have your views change as you move your head. It also has a joystick you can wear on your wrist and returns to its docking station for an automatic battery change when it starts getting tired.

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Film Crowdfunding News

The producers of Dallas Buyers Club, Mississippi Grind, and Carol have teamed up for their second Indiegogo campaign to present two young female filmmakers with the Horizon Award for Women. The winners will receive an all-expenses paid mentorship trip to Sundance. The absence of female directors has become so extreme as to elicit stern words from the ACLU – and our campaigners have stepped in to help. Last year’s winner Veronica Ortiz-Calderón has produced her second short film, attended the Cannes Film Festival, won the Louise Schiavoni Award for Outstanding Junior Woman in Communications at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and has several projects in development. In a year.
Horizon Award female directors

Personal Cause Fundraising

Not to be left out of Pope-mania 2k15, we hosted a campaign for two parents from Argentina to drive their four children in a VW bus all the way to Philadelphia to see His Holiness. According to USA Today, the purpose of the journey was family bonding, rather than a religious pilgrimage. Remember: six people, one van. Added papal bonus: the Walkers received a bounty of human kindness in the form of sleeping arrangements and car parts. Papal un-bonus: it was a VW bus, which we recently learned is not the most environmentally-friendly vehicle, and we know how Pope Francis feels about that. But I hear he is pretty forgiving.
Indiegogo Life fundraisers

Other Crowdfunding News

If you’re despairing over the state of American politics, or just want some Monday morning LOLs, Gil Fulbright, “The Honest Politician” is your guy. In the face of something so endlessly frustrating as money in politics, satire becomes our only recourse. After fake running for the Kentucky Senate seat in 2014, Fulbright is fundraising on Indiegogo to bring awareness to the deep-seated problems in the American political system. Plus his oxymoronic name is very meta.
Honest Politician Indiegogo

Where Are They Now? Indiegogo Success Story

Thanks to “Indiegogo darling” Canary, a man was not only able to stop a break-in by scaring the intruder with a siren and summoning 11 police officers, but actually helped the subsequent investigation by sending a screen shot of the perpetrator. Did you know you can send screen shots to the police? Do you think they would appreciate a good double chin selfie?
Canary home security Indiegogo

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