Toronto International Film Festival Indiegogo
September 11, 2015 · IGG

10 Indiegogo Films to Watch at Toronto International Film Festival 2015


Toronto International Film Festival Indiegogo

The 40th annual Toronto International Film Festival has officially begun, and this year’s lineup is packed with films from 71 countries around the world. Renowned as one of the most important and influential film festivals in the world, TIFF is always an exciting event to attend year after year. We’re so excited to support 10 Indiegogo films at this year’s festival – double the number we had last year, and more than any other crowdfunding platform! Indiegogo Film Associate Director Kristen Konvitz will also be a panelist on Financing Trends from the Festival Frontlines, discussing new possibilities for filmmakers through crowdfunding and emerging film financing trends.

As our presence continues to grow at such a prestigious event, there’s no question that crowdfunding is making a powerful impact in the film industry. From September 10 to 20, 2015, over 400,000 people will flock to Toronto to screen film projects from aspiring artists, indie filmmakers and celebrities. Whether you’re attending the festival or enjoying the festivities from afar, keep an eye out for these 10 Indiegogo films that are debuting at TIFF 2015.

1. Fire Song

The debut feature by Adam Garnet Jones, Fire Song is one of the first films by a First Nations director to deal with two-spirited people. This thoughtful and moving film focuses on a young Anishinaabe man who is at a crossroads, forced to choose between staying in his familiar community or exploring the expanded possibilities of the outside world. Fire Song was 107% funded on Indiegogo just over a year ago and is now making its world premiere at one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world.

Fire Song Indiegogo TIFF

2. Hardcore

The first sci-fi adventure film shot from the first person perspective, Hardcore is a Russian film making its world premiere at TIFF this year. Follow Henry, a newly resurrected cybernetic super-soldier as he kicks, punches and parkours his way through Russia to save his wife from a paramilitary psychic bent on world domination – all from his point of view. Fully funded on Indiegogo last year, contributors could claim one of the many smashed GoPros that were used during the creation of Hardcore as one of their perks.


3. The Rainbow Kid

A gritty, coming-of-age feature film about a young man with Down syndrome, The Rainbow Kid is the debut feature film from writer-director Kire Paputts. To maintain the artistic merit and integrity of the film, Paputts chose to run an Indiegogo campaign, which was fully funded in just one month. The Rainbow Kid showcases an actor with Down syndrome outside the stereotypical convention and depiction of people with special needs, making this film a must-see at this year’s festival.

The Rainbow Kid Indiegogo TIFF

4. My Name Is Emily

Starring Evanna Lynch of Harry Potter fame, My Name Is Emily is the debut feature film from award-winning Irish filmmaker Simon Fitzmaurice. Diagnosed with ALS in 2008, Simon refused to allow this disease to affect his drive to become a feature film director. From this adversity, the script for My Name Is Emily was born.

My Name Is Emily Toronto International Film Festival

5. Kilo Two Bravo

BAFTA-nominated Kilo Two Bravo is a film about bravery, courage, heroism and the ultimate sacrifice. Previously titled Kajaki, this is the first feature film from director Paul Katis. Kilo Two Bravo is a remarkable, face-based war drama following a group of British paratroopers who find themselves caught in a deathtrap in Afghanistan.


6. New Eyes

English producer Lisa Gordon met Ethiopian director Hiwot Adamsu Getaneh at Cannes 2014, where Hiwot was participating in Addis to Cannes, a unique program that brought five young Ethiopian filmmakers to Monaco and Cannes. Together, they brought Hiwot’s idea to life, reaching 104% of their goal last year. New Eyes is a short film following a young Ethiopian girl who becomes aware of strange new feelings that are equally discomforting and exciting. Her burgeoning sexuality threatens to bring her into conflict with societal expectations, creating an extraordinary film that is suffused with joy and sensuality.

New Eyes TIFF Indiegogo

7. Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek is director Kimie Tanaka’s NYU thesis film, following a Japanese male nurse who returns home to the countryside after his mother’s sudden death to handle his younger brother who hasn’t left his room in over a decade. Fully funded on Indiegogo in just a month, this short film was shot in Japan and delves into the sensitive nature of societal norms and culture.

Hide and Seek TIFF Indiegogo films

8. She Stoops To Conquer

A fantastical oddity short film that celebrates those who defy the status quo in the search for self-expression, She Stoops To Conquer follows a struggling talent-show performer who wanders into a nightclub wearing a mask, and is inexplicably attracted to the real-life doppelganger of her masked character. On how the filmmakers landed their lead, Julian Richings:

To get his attention, we decided to go big. We worked with make-up artist Trason Fernandes to create a prosthetic approximation of Julian’s face. Trason found a cast of Julian’s real head (don’t ask) and sculpted his face onto Kayla’s. We shot the teaser and sent it to Julian. And he loved it! He wasn’t even that creeped out.

She Stoops To Conquer TIFF

9. People Are Becoming Clouds

People Are Becoming Clouds is a bittersweet parable about the distance that can exist even in our most intimate relationships. Based on Joe Meno’s short story, this short film is making its world premiere at this year’s festival.

People Are Becoming Clouds Indiegogo TIFF

10. Portal To Hell!!!

A short film starring the late Roddy Piper, Portal To Hell!!! is a classically-styled comedic horror flick born out of the love director Vivieno Caldinelli and writer Matt Watts share for the genre-mashing films of the late 1980s. 117% funded back in January 2015, Indiegogo contributors could record their screams to be incorporated into the final sound mix of the movie. This is the last film that the legendary Roddy Piper is in, and its world premiere at TIFF is without a doubt the perfect way to honor his legacy. #RIPHotRod.


Whether you’re spending your festival watching feature films or catching as many shorts as you can, we’re honored and inspired to see so many Indiegogo campaigns hit the big screen this fall.

Up next: Indiegogo Film hits up IFP Film Week September 20 – 25th. Come say hi if you’ll be there!

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