Indiegogo 2015 crowdfunding statistics
December 17, 2015 · IGG

Indiegogo’s 2015 Year In Review [Infographic]: Crowdfunding Statistics


Indiegogo 2015 crowdfunding statistics

2015 was an incredible year for Indiegogo. More than 2.5 million people from 226 countries and territories contributed to 175,479 campaigns, ranging from innovative technology, to creative film and entertainment, to social impact. A father-son duo revolutionized beekeeping and made honey-on-tap accessible to anyone. Fans united and set a record for most funds raised in 24 hours to create the sequel of a cult classic. The world came together to address global issues and react to crises. 2015 was a year for people around the world to fund what mattered to them, and the breadth of creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit never ceases to amaze us. Here are just some of the highlights from a truly incredible year.

Indiegogo Overall

As the world’s first crowdfunding platform, campaigns have launched from almost every country around the world, backed by a community who believes that the world benefits when every idea gets an equal shot at success. More than $800M has been raised on Indiegogo to date for creative, entrepreneurial and cause-related projects. Since finding success on Indiegogo, many of our campaigners have raised VC funding – over $500M thus far. Some highlights include Canary raising $30M in Series B funding, Jibo Robot raising $60M in Series A and Scanadu raising $35M in Series B.

Jibo Social Robot

Record-Breaking Campaigns

Contributors worldwide helped smash records this year. Flow Hive became our most fully funded international campaign, raising more than $12M to date from 37,000 backers in more than 150 countries. Broken Lizard, the masterminds behind cult classic Super Troopers, looked to Indiegogo and their fan base to fund Super Troopers 2, which became the fastest film campaign to reach $2M. They also set the record for most funds raised in 24 hours! Con Man, an original series by Firefly alumni Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk, became the highest funded web series ever, raising $3,156,078.

Flow Hive most funded Indiegogo

Outstanding Tech & Hardware Campaigns

With so many innovative tech and hardware ideas out there, crowdfunding has become a popular option to validate ideas and raise funds for prototypes and distribution. Outstanding tech & hardware campaigns for 2015 include the Sondors Electric Bike ($5M), Micro Drone 3.0 ($3M), Jibo Social Robot ($2.2M), Oomi Smart Home System ($1.7M), Neptune Suite ($1.1M) and the Opal Nugget Ice Maker ($2.5M).

Sondors ebike Indiegogo

Outstanding Film & TV Campaigns

From feature-length and short films to documentaries and web series and more, creative projects shone on Indiegogo this year. Outstanding Film & TV campaigns include Super Troopers 2 ($4.5M), Con Man ($3.1M) and The Crystal Maze ($933K). Our goal to democratize funding and empower people around the world to fund what matters to them was achieved with these three campaigns with such strong fan communities and loyalty.

Super Troopers 2 Indiegogo

Outstanding Social Impact Campaigns

Though technology and film often take center stage, many social impact campaigns made headlines this year as well. Humans of New York sent kids from Brownsville, Brooklyn – the neighborhood with the highest crime rate in New York City – to visit Harvard, giving them the chance to feel like they belong on the campus of one of the world’s top universities. The world rallied together to send relief to Nepal after a devastating earthquake, sending aid and funding the construction of 11 earthquake-resistant health centers in different villages of Sindhupalchowk District, one of the hardest hit districts. More than 108,000 people contributed to help bail out Greece in the midst of a financial crisis, showing support for a country in need by raising €1,930,577. Humans of New York raised awareness and funds to help Fatima end bonded labor, a form of modern-day slavery, in Pakistan. A donor asked the Girl Scouts to return $100,000 after they announced they would welcome transgender girls, and the #ForEVERYGirl movement was born, raising more than 3 times the original donation. More than $5M was raised to help restore King Chapel, the only religious building named for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., located at his alma mater Morehouse College. These social innovation campaigns highlight the generosity and compassion the global Indiegogo community shares with one another.
HONY Fatima Bonded Labor

Indiegogo Partnerships

On top of all the amazing campaigns that raised funds, validated ideas and brought together communities, we announced several new partnerships to help our campaigners bring their concepts to market quicker than ever before. We teamed up with Amazon Launchpad to bring the most cutting-edge technology from today’s brightest startups to consumers, featuring products like the AIRTAME Wireless HDMI Adapter, Petzi Treat Cam Dispenser and Korner Home Security Extender. We announced a partnership with Brookstone Launch, an end-to-end product development, manufacturing and retail launch program. You can now purchase Indiegogo-funded products like the Fizzics Beer System, Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones and Canary Home Security System directly from Brookstone. To round out our retail connections, we’re collaborating with Target to put your favorite Indiegogo-funded products on retail shelves nationwide. Indiegogo is the place for entrepreneurial projects to move quickly from concept to market, and these new partnerships are giving anybody with a great idea the chance to see their products in stores and online.

Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones

2015 was an amazing year, and we couldn’t be prouder to be a part of so many inspiring campaigns. What will 2016 bring? Perhaps your entrepreneurial idea?

Indiegogo Statistics Infographic 2015

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