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January 25, 2016 · In The News

In the World This Week: Self-Driving Strollers & A Better Porta Potty


Wish For Wash

Right on the heels of CES, we are in the midst of Sundance, where people wear their après ski best and watch the year’s best independent films. As movie lovers, our founders realized that in Hollywood, people without connections were not getting films made, and Indiegogo has bypassed those gatekeepers so that the most interesting films are the ones that get made. In that spirit, we are kicking off a partnership with Ava DuVernay’s company, ARRAY Films, to improve diversity in filmmaking at this year’s Sundance. Perhaps because of #OscarsSoWhite, people are into it, even in the UK. Who knew a lunch could be so cool. Also Mark Ruffalo tweeted about it which is kind of a big deal.

Tech News

I am curious to know how parents feel about the world’s first smart stroller. With a similar concept as a self-driving car, SmartBe follows parents around as they walk, rocks the baby inside, and even plays music. What do you think of the smart stroller? Let us know in the comments!

SmartBe Self Driving Stroller

People who do physical activities other than walking or running are often frustrated by the limitations of most wearable fitness trackers. FlipMotion will help skateboarders see more than how many miles they roll, but also how good their tricks are. I’m not exactly sure how “good” is determined, but I’ll take their word. Friends can also challenge each other kickflip v. kickflip. A creative way to duel a competing suitor for your lover’s hand. The campaign won’t launch until March, but looks like the internet is already excited.

Social Innovation Crowdfunding

I have to quote this article because it’s too good: “Everybody poops. But not everyone has access to a toilet.” Which isn’t to say that taking care of your needs in the forest is a bad thing, but in places where many people are using the same pit latrine, there can be some serious sanitation issues. Also, many girls drop out of school because there is no toilet, and no privacy. Product designer Jasmine Burton created the SafiChoo (fun name!) portable toilet to address these problems. The Wish for WASH campaign will send Jasmine and her team to Zambia so that she can do some testing to improve the SafiChoo. Because #everypoops.

Wish For Wash

Where are they now? Indiegogo success story

Loco’l, the most socially-conscious restaurant in the world just opened its first location in Watts, Los Angeles with a line of people waiting that went all the way around the block. Oh how I wish I was one of them. Chef Roy Choi came up with the concept for Loco’l because he wanted to bring better quality food into food deserts, where people rely on fast food and convenience stores, which definitely don’t provide the most nourishing options. At his new, healthier restaurant, he’ll also employ local youths (Youngsters? Young people? No matter what I sound like a grandma.) and pay them more than minimum wage. His Tenderloin, San Francisco location opens soon, but not soon enough! I know because I checked the website.

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