Leonard Nimoy
January 19, 2016 · In The News

In the World This Week: Honoring Spock & Supporting Women Everywhere


Leonard Nimoy

Just when you thought you could relax after CES – you’ve got another (very exciting) thing coming. Sundance and Slamdance start this week. Stay tuned for more!

Tech News

CES coverage just keeps rolling in. Our new face of SF Tech, Evan Cohen was quoted as saying that the “maker movement has matured into an entrepreneur movement.” Very wise, sir. He also talked about the future of connected devices, and the increasingly important role that startups are playing in tech.

For next year’s holiday travel, you can bring your very own theater on the plane to drown out the crying babies, or the annoying guy next to you who really wants to chat. The Royole-X Smart Mobile Theater system lets you watch stuff from your favorite streaming services with noise-canceling headphones and display that basically puts you in the movie.

Royole-X Mobile Theater

There were also several products demoed that will be launching soon, including Sugarlock, which lets you easily “share your sweet shreds,” which we all know is one of the great priorities in life. It organizes your video clips by date and makes them easy to find so that you don’t (further) bore your audience looking. Even though the campaign hasn’t launched yet, it’s further evidence that Indiegogo is everywhere.

Film Crowdfunding News

The legendary Spock’s daughter and her husband are making a documentary on the actor and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, which he died of. Beyond just examining Leonard Nimoy’s life and how the disease affected him, “COPD: Highly Illogical” also provides information and treatment options from medical professionals, which he was very passionate about at the end of his life. He wanted everyone to live very long and prosper.

Leonard Nimoy

Social Impact News

I would like to think that we are pretty evolved at Indiegogo, but everyone is probably going to be grossed out by this paragraph because it’s about periods. Omg I know.  But if you think about it, the supplies associated with periods are expensive – apparently over $18,000 over a lifetime. And there are no government assistance programs to cover them, because I guess low-income women should probably just stop that biological process from happening altogether. If only it were that easy… But of course, Indiegogo campaigner Conscious Period is selling organic tampons (they bleach the normal ones and fill them with other body and environmentally-unfriendly chemicals) and for each box sold they donate a box of pads to homeless women.

I have always dreamed of raising my babies in a giant house with all of my BFFs. Sorry in advance to the future father of my babies. Or you’re welcome, actually. There are several families around the country who have been getting media attention for taking their non-traditional families beyond the traditional co-op and living in a home with two families with children, two single adults, and one unmarried couple with no children. Connecticut’s “Scarborough 11” have been fighting with the city to stay in their home, because they are violating some single-family home zoning law. They started a Generosity campaign to cover their legal expenses so that the unrelated-by-blood siblings, extra parents, and friends can stay together. I don’t know how this is even a question. Just look at that picture.

Scarborough family fundraiser

Do you want to be showcased at next year’s CES, or are you ready to turn your home movies into something fit for the big screen? Download the free Indiegogo field guide and learn how to run your very own crowdfunding campaign.

Indiegogo Field Guide

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