February 29, 2016 · In The News

In the World This Week: Augmented Reality Laser Tag and Flow Hive Turns 1


It’s never a quiet week at Indiegogo HQ, but we didn’t win an award this week like we did last week. This week we’re going to focus on some pretty impressive campaigns, both new and old.

Tech News is not an app that helps you confess your sins. It actually turns your phone into a laser gun for an augmented reality version of Barney Stinson’s favorite game – and TechCrunch’s and The Next Web’s. If you can get all of your friends to play, going out to bars is about to get a lot more interesting. It’s also a great idea for company-wide team bonding. Who will you choose, the nimble or the strong?

If you love to bike but you get kind of tired (don’t pretend you don’t), it may be time to invest in a Propella. It’s not quite an eBike, but rather a regular bike with a motor to give you a little extra push. Unlike most eBikes, it’s very light and looks like a fixie, so you can pretend to be way hipper than you actually are. If an eBike isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of other electric vehicles on Indiegogo for you to check out.

Propella eBike

Film Crowdfunding News

Lazer Team strikes again (in a good way) in this article about how the funding and distribution model for films is going to change in a big way. Films who have struggled to get traditional financing have actually thrived on Indiegogo, because they are able to tap on real, established supporters, rather than some relatively abstract business projections. The article points out that social capital is becoming increasingly important when it comes to financing films. The stuff that the public wants made should be what gets money so that it can in fact be made. Very reaffirming.

Lazer Team Rooster Teeth

Where are they now? Indiegogo Success Story

Flow Hive turned one year old this past week, and they released a video detailing the past twelve months since their $12 million campaign. It’s a really amazing story about how entrepreneurs with no business experience brought a concept to market. The campaigners describe not only how happy they are and how their lives have changed, but the many challenges they have encountered throughout the process. They have really charming Australian accents, and explained over and over again that the money wasn’t what made them happy, but rather seeing how many people were excited about the thing that they were excited about. And that’s what makes us special at Indiegogo – we bring people together over something intangible, which can’t be reflected in stats no matter how hard we try: a shared passion. In case I haven’t convinced you yet, there is also a very cute and very prominent baby and equally prominent and beautiful scenery.

You might not live somewhere as beautiful as the Flow Hive guys, but your ideas are still amazing. Download the free Indiegogo Field Guide and get started.

Indiegogo Field Guide