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Festival season is upon us, and there’s nothing worse than showing up for a weekend of music, sun, friends and fun ill-prepared. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or it’s your first time at any of the upcoming music festivals in 2016, there’s an Indiegogo campaign to help you have the best time possible.

1. rawWood Wooden Sunglasses

rawWood handmade sunglasses

Shield your eyes from the bright sun with rawWood Wooden Sunglasses. These eco-friendly sunglasses are affordable, stylish and and environmentally conscious. For every pair ordered, they pledge to plant one tree. So when you’re dancing in the desert in these handmade bamboo shades, you can not only look great, but feel great about your green choice.

2. ProSounds X-Pro Earplugs

ProSounds Earplugs

One common theme of all festivals, whether you’re at Ultra Music Festival or Lollapalooza, is loud music. Though we all love seeing our favorite artists live and singing along to our hearts’ content, we also want to be able to hear when we’re older. ProSounds X-Pro Earplugs are designed to protect your hearing in a convenient way, enabling you to comfortably and easily activate the hearing protection with a push of a button. Now you can hear your friends, the music and protect your ears all at the same time.

3. Siesta4 Heat & Light Blocking Tent

Siesta heat light blocking tent

Are you camping for Coachella or Bonnaroo? If so, you’ll love the Siesta4 heat and light blocking tent. This four-person tent is made out of a lightweight, durable, waterproof fabric that reflects infrared, ultraviolet and visible light, keeping the inside of the tent dramatically cooler and darker inside when in direct sunlight. Plus, the ducted side vents allow you to install up to two USB-powered fans if you want to keep things even cooler, allowing you to sleep in a little later and more comfortably throughout the weekend.

4. SOS 20k Solar Battery

SOS Solar Battery Charger

When you’re out at a multi-day camping festival, it’s tough to keep your phone, camera and other devices charged. The SOS 20k solar battery is waterproof and produces enough juice to charge four devices at once. Not only will you be able to contact your friends and take great photos, but you’ll be the most popular person at the campground.

5. Mokacam 4k Camera

Mokacam camera

Now that you have a reliable way to keep your electronics charged at festivals, you can bring the Mokacam 4k camera along with you to capture every detail in high definition. Boasting a 16 megapixel sensor, wide angle 152-degree field of vision, integrated hi def microphone and 4k ultra-high definition video, the palm-sized Mokacam is the ideal camera for you to bring along to Stagecoach, Sasquatch and everything in between.

6. Trackr Bravo

TrackR Bravo tracking device

Worried you’ll lose your keys, or won’t be able to find your car after the show? You need the TrackR Bravo, the thinnest bluetooth tracking device. Using just your smartphone, you’ll be able to locate anything within 100 feet. Plus, your friends with the TrackR app will be able to help you look for your items too with their unique Crowd GPS technology.

7. Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine fitness wearable activity tracker

Ever wondered how many steps you’ve taken going from stage to stage and dancing the night away? The Misfit Shine is an elegant fitness wearable that will help you track your activity, whether you’re biking across the playa at Burning Man, walking around the festival grounds at EDC and even swimming! It’s waterproof, durable and the lightweight design makes it an easy addition to any outfit you have planned.

8. BauBax Travel Jacket

BauBax travel jacket

It’s tough to dress appropriately for both the scorching temperatures in the daytime and the chilly nights, and we all know that going back to camp or your hotel room for an outfit change means you’ll be missing some of the best artists. The BauBax Travel Jacket has 15 features including a neck pillow, earphone holders, drink pocket, gloves, hand-warming pockets, portable charger pocket and much more. Wearing this jacket will definitely enhance your festival experience in 2016.

9. Joule Caffeine Bracelet

Joule caffeine bracelet

Keep your energy level up without having to chug energy drinks or coffee with the Joule caffeine bracelet. This unique bracelet provides convenient, consistent, all-day energy with no crashes. It works in a similar way to a nicotine patch, administering caffeine gradually over time for a steady supply of caffeine and energy without any of the typical energy crashes, jitters or other negative effects of consuming your caffeine through beverages.

10. O2Tech Smart Lantern

O2Tech smart lantern camping

When you’re going to the portapotties in the middle of the night, you want to have some sort of light that preferably isn’t your smartphone in case you happen to drop it. The O2Tech smart lantern is a beautiful, rugged, outdoor camping lantern that can be controlled by an app on your smartphone. Not only can you control the brightness, color or flash, but you can even help locate your campsite by turning on the lantern with your phone.

What are your favorite products to bring to festivals? Let us know in the comments!

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