Creedmoria Indiegogo
March 7, 2016 · In The News

In the World This Week: Coming of Age in Creedmoria, Password Vaults & More


Creedmoria Indiegogo

This week, an interview with our co-founder Danae Ringelmann was so rich with content that it was actually split into two parts. In the first, she talked about how and why she started Indiegogo, and then followed our evolution all the way to Enterprise Crowdfunding. Proof that we are also beloved all the way in the UK. Tell the queen!

Tech Crowdfunding

It may seem like a step backwards, but there is a company who has actually invented a physical password holder so that you’re never hacked again. Instead of storing your sensitive information in the cloud, you can put it in Vaulteq, which is almost like a small hard drive that only you can access and requires two-step authentication.

Vaulteq password manager

Joule is causing a long-lasting buzz in more than just caffeine addicts. There is literally a new article about it every week. While it’ll give you the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, it won’t give you the accompanying jitters, anxiety, nausea, etc. It might also not have any of the health benefits that coffee has, but at least it doesn’t stain your teeth. I’m very paranoid about yellowing teeth.

Film Crowdfunding

Semi-fantasy coming-of-age story Creedmoria has finally released a clip! Starring Stef Dawson from The Hunger Games, it follows a teenage girl named Candy who lives in Creedmoria, and has to come to the defense of mental patients and other helpless family members around her, and also save herself from the weird world she lives in. Sounds like a lot for one hormonal kid to handle, and I’m excited to see her do it.


Where are they now? Indiegogo Success Story

When you’re having extreme food envy it could either be awesome, or heartbreaking to have someone send you a smell snapshot, but it could really be a revolution in air fresheners. With the oPhone, you actually can, and the inventors just sent their first smell from Paris to New York. The smellers on the other end got a waft of champagne and passion fruit macaron, and it doesn’t get more Parisian than that. I don’t know if cheese smell without cheese has quite the same effect.

oPhone smell transmitter

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