Celery Indiegogo pre orders
May 10, 2016 · IGG

Joining Forces with Celery to Bring Your Ideas to Life


Celery Indiegogo pre orders

When entrepreneurs wrap up a successful crowdfunding campaign, their journeys are really just beginning. Bringing a product to market takes guidance from partners, encouragement from the community and the right toolsets.  At Indiegogo, we’re there to help at every step of the way.

To support entrepreneurs in the post-campaign part of their journey, last year we launched InDemand to enable them to take pre-orders post-campaign. InDemand grew very quickly and is now generating over $20 million in pre-orders per quarter. We are excited to continue to build on this success to empower entrepreneurs across the lifecycle.

Today, I’m excited to share that we’re elevating this support through a strategic partnership with Celery.   

Indiegogo’s crowdfunding and marketplace offerings, combined with Celery’s pre-order and commerce platform, will ensure entrepreneurs have access to a powerful end-to-end solution – with all the tools needed to raise funds, take pre-orders and successfully fulfill on their campaigns.

The next generation of pre-order

Through our partnership, creators on Celery will now be able to dramatically increase their customer base by reaching Indiegogo’s over 15 million monthly unique visitors via InDemand.

Chris Tsai, Celery’s CEO, summed up the partnership well when he said: “With Indiegogo’s mission to empower creators aligning so closely with ours, it was the perfect opportunity to accelerate our roadmap by joining forces. We’re excited to be building the future of crowdfunding with Indiegogo.”

Labyrinth_indiegogo_celery_indemandIndiegogo entrepreneurs are increasingly turning to Indiegogo’s InDemand service and the Celery platform, including Barracuda, Bluesmart, Smart Halo and River Horse, developers of the board game Labyrinth. Labyrinth, based on the 1986 film starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly, is the first pre-order campaign launching as part of the Indiegogo and Celery partnership. Its launch marks the film’s 30th anniversary and the first time that The Jim Henson Co. has licensed the cult film for a board game.

The momentum is growing

I’ve been thrilled to see great results already coming from this partnership. Bluesmart, which raised more than $2 million on Indiegogo for the world’s first connected carry-on, has used both platforms to fuel huge growth.


Diego Saez Gil, CEO of Bluesmart, said, “When we launched on Indiegogo, we had massive success and were able to reach millions of potential customers instantly. After our campaign on Indiegogo ended, we wanted to keep up the momentum so we set out to use both Indiegogo’s InDemand service, which enabled us to take pre-orders on our Indiegogo page, as well as Celery, which enabled us to install a pre-sale option directly on our own website. Between InDemand and Celery, we’ve been able to take more than $1 million in additional pre-sales.”

We’re excited to help entrepreneurs like Bluesmart overcome hurdles, bring products to market and make their dreams a reality.  We can’t wait to see what you create next.

See the press release for more information, or to sign-up for Celery, please contact indemand@indiegogo.com.