Dominican Light Project Indiegogo
May 9, 2016 · In The News

Lighting Up the Dominican Republic, Fighting Pediatric Cancer and More Hot Stories This Week


Dominican Light Project Indiegogo

Happy post-Mother’s Day to all. Don’t forget that you should celebrate your mom all year, and check out some of our awesome mom entrepreneurs here.

Tech News

As the smartwatch proliferates, you may be torn between upgrading, and sticking with your (presumably) classy fashion watch. Now, you can have both! Add smarts to your regular watch simply by adding a new clasp. The Link attaches to any luxury watch in a variety of sizes, as if luxury watches weren’t clunky enough already. And what’s more, it is very unobtrusive and definitely less obvious than compulsively checking your smartwatch.

In the spirit of tricking people into thinking you’re a star athlete, Ampler has created an electric bike that looks anything but. Unlike many other electric bikes, it doesn’t just let you off the hook of pedaling. Instead it matches your pace to help you get to where you need to go faster – with a range that will take you up to 62 miles per charge. Plus the ride is apparently incredibly smooth – helping everyone navigate even the most annoying commute.

There is a new robot in town, but this one has been designed to help “exceptional children lead exceptional lives.” Leka is a multi-sensory interactive toy that through play, allows children with special needs to develop their motor, cognitive, and emotional skills, and simultaneously become more autonomous. The idea is that play will complement other more intensive therapies while it collects data on progress.

Social Impact News

Humans of New York is tugging at our heart strings yet again, this time to Help Dr. O’Reilly fight pediatric cancer. He is raising money to start an army of cyclops stoppers, warlock conquerers, giant slayers, and goblin thumpers so that Richard O’Reilly, Chairman of Pediatrics at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center can research new treatments, and support sick patients. Throughout the campaign he’ll be posting stories from the doctors, nurses, patients, and parents at Memorial Sloan Kettering who are on the front lines of the battle. Read some here, and be sure you have tissues on hand.

We have so many campaigns to provide light to people who need it that we are getting close to lighting up the whole world! The latest amazing campaign is the Dominican Light Project, which was created by Esenciales. It turns out that because of poor infrastructure, 8 million Dominicans face blackouts every day. During that time, many activities like studying and working either have to stop, or be lit by kerosene lamps. As you probably already know, kerosene lamps are not only expensive, but also can be dangerous. Through their campaign, Esenciales will provide solar lanterns to Dominican families in an effort to support grassroots economic development. Research has shown that with more light that is more consistent, people are more productive and can better support their families.

Where are they now? Indiegogo Success Story

Dear White People, the satirical movie about being a student of color in an Ivy League institution, started as a trailer that went viral on YouTube. The writer, director, and co-producer ran a successful Indiegogo campaign, which led them to a 2014 Sundance premiere. After bringing necessary conversations on race and privilege into pop culture, Netflix has asked the creator of Dear White People to make a 10-episode series. I can’t wait for a show I can binge that also makes me critically examine my life.

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