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May 2, 2016 · In The News

Hands-Free Computer Mice, Treat-Feeding Robots and More Hot Stories This Week


GlassOuse Indiegogo

It’s been a quiet week at Indiegogo HQ after our company-wide All Hands meeting, but our campaigners are busier than ever.

Tech News

Using a computer is pretty much inescapable in modern society. But it actually requires eyes, hands, fingers… If you’re missing functionality for any of these, using your MacBook Air is much more difficult. Our campaigners are here to save the day: Glassouse is worn like glasses, and the user moves the cursor with their eyes, and bites a mouthpiece to click. Not only will the campaigners produce this amazing innovation, but they’ll also donate headsets to people who can’t afford them.

If for some reason you have to leave your dog home alone, you can now give it treats for good behavior remotely. Or just because you miss it. Furbo has a camera so you can see your sweet darling, and two-way audio for playtime, but beware that people can actually hear you talking to your dog in a baby voice when you’re not home. Be careful that your dog doesn’t start loving Furbo more than it loves you. You might have to up the ante on the treats, which might lead to a very fat pup.

Furbo pet treat dispenser

It’s been a while since I talked about periods, so I think it’s that time of the month! Pun completely intended. The awfulness of cramps really cannot be overstated. They make you writhe on the floor in pain. Sometimes even throw up if you’re really unlucky. And at the very least they make you grumpy. For some women, Advil just doesn’t cut it, so devices like Livia may offer a pain relief solution. Livia works by using a technology that basically blocks your brain’s pain receptors. The device hasn’t undergone significant clinical research, and some women have had success using it. And any cramps improvement is welcome.

Livia menstrual pain relief

Indie Film Crowdfunding

It turns out that as far as difficult-to-make films go, R-rated animated ones are among the hardest, because studios are reluctant to take the chance on what might be considered too explicit. The Brooklyn-based studio behind Ugly Americans, Superjail, Wonder Showzen, Golan the Insatiable, Golden Age, and The Jellies has come together to make Adventures of Drunky, which will feature an all-star cast of voice animators including Jeffrey Tambor as God (he may already be God to many), Sam Rockwell, Tyler the Creator, and Steve Coogan. This feature is meant to feel like  “underground comic” , with all of the foul language and explicit references you could hope for.

Adventures of Drunky animated film

Where are they now? Indiegogo Success Story

Opening any kind of food service business is hard. And expensive. And often fails. To help more people operate businesses, Wheelys has sold coffee carts on electric bicycles all over the world, and have just raised $2.5 in funding to keep the good times rolling. The coffee is made using the kinetic energy from biking and with solar panels. Plus, besides all of the equipment, you also get manuals of best practices and a ready-made branding system. I would totally get one but getting around the hills of San Francisco would be a nightmare.

Wheelys mobile cafe

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