crowdfunding perks statistics
May 3, 2016 · Behind The Scenes

Perk Up! 7 Key Stats on Perks on Indiegogo since 2008 [Infographic]


crowdfunding perks statistics

Perks were created as a way to encourage people all over the world to support a campaign. Whether they are tangible products (like a drone or DVD), personal (such as a thank-you Tweet or a handwritten note) or an experience (like visiting a band’s recording studio or meeting the film cast on set), perks are one of the best ways to spread the word about a campaign and make contributors feel valued.

Because perks are such a key aspect of a crowdfunding campaign, we decided to take a look at some of the fun stats behind the incredible projects on Indiegogo since 2008.

Perks by Campaign

The average number of perks offered per campaign is four, but the average number of perks for campaigns that hit their goals is seven. These successful campaigners listened to their communities and offered new perks and bundles to fit their wants and need as the campaign ran. Stretch goals (additional goals for after you hit your campaign goal, often tied to additional perks), secret perks (hidden perks that you share with specific audiences) and additional accessories (like add-ons for your tech gadget) are also common reasons campaigners continue to add more perks after the campaign has already launched.

Of perks claimed, the most popular value is $25 – this affordable price point makes it more accessible to a larger audience, though perk pricing varies greatly and depends on the type of campaign. For example, tech campaigns with high-end gadgets typically offer accessories and add-ons at the $10 to $30 level, while film and creative campaigners offer DVDs, CDs and other physical perks.

Perk Popularity

Wondering what’s the most popular perk that has ever been claimed? The “Volunteer” from Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk’s Con Man was claimed 17,886 times! Backers who claimed this perk were able to stream the entire series as many times as they wanted in hi-def on Vimeo On Demand before it was available to the public. They also received exclusive funders-only MP3 Commentary by Nathan and Alan for every single episode, Con Man-themed wallpapers and digital avatars, access to the production blog and updates from the team as they made the show – plus, a gif of Nathan and Alan doing a “totally sweet hi-five.”

Curious what’s the most anyone has ever contributed for a single perk? A backer contributed a whopping $150,000 to be an “Executive Producer” for the final season of the critically acclaimed web series Video Game High School. Though the perk itself was listed at $10,000, this generous supporter went above and beyond to help the team make their dreams come true. This perk level included an Executive Producer credit on the series, plus an open door invite to drop by and observe during any aspect of production or post-production – and one of every other perk on the campaign!

Perks Worldwide

Indiegogo is a global platform, and we love seeing fans, early adopters and supporters unite all over the world for a common cause. The five countries that have claimed the most perks are the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and Australia.

What fun stats about perks would you like to see? Let us know in the comments, and check out all the incredible perks on Indiegogo today!

Indiegogo Perks Infographic

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