Vessi home brewing beer
June 6, 2016 · In The News

Home Brewing Made Easy, Backpacks for Refugees and More Hot Stories


Vessi home brewing beer

We’ve been developing more and more partnerships to help our entrepreneurs as they bring their ideas to market. We talk about it a lot at Indiegogo HQ, but if you want to see the kind of questions the world is asking, check out this interview featuring Indiegogo co-founder Slava Rubin and Chris Tsai from Celery on the Celery partnership, and Indiegogo’s work supporting the whole entrepreneurial lifecycle.

Tech News

Making your own beer is awesome, but it’s hard work to be a snob about your hops. Whirlpool, who you may only associate with refrigerators and dishwashers, is now making home brewing more accessible with Vessi, which will ferment and dispense your beer right at home. You’ll have your very own tasty beer on tap after just 7 days. And to answer your question, it’ll stay carbonated rather than becoming hoppy water.

When I first saw a headline about a campaign to make a synthetic dog, I was very confused and even somewhat horrified. Turns out that it’s something all dog lovers should care about. SynDaver was created for use in veterinary schools so that students don’t have to use shelter dogs to practice their surgical skills. Because SynDaver’s body “looks like uncooked bacon” if you love anything even slightly dog-like, you won’t accidentally become attached to it.

Other Crowdfunding News

Very important: a sweatshirt that Beyonce wore in Lemonade is now on Indiegogo. SwapOut Hoodie has a zipper down the middle so that you can have the colorblock sweatshirt of your choice. It’s especially useful for sports fans who want to rep both of their teams’ colors. Even better, the designer hopes that when she funds the project she can hire young people during the summer so that they can earn some money to help with college tuition. She didn’t even know her sweatshirt was going to be in the video. A true honor.

Film Crowdfunding

Whether you were the pink, blue, or green Power Ranger, you’ll be excited to learn that the Power Rangers themselves (OK, the actors) are getting back together to make The Order. It’s not a Power Rangers movie, but it will still be full of skillful martial arts scenes as a group of vigilantes shadows the FBI and CIA to keep humanity safe.

Social Impact Crowdfunding

Even though it’s not usually the first headline in the paper every day anymore, the refugee crisis is still very much a crisis. A recent photo of a baby that drowned (I accidentally looked and I highly discourage you from doing so) when a boat capsized off the coast of Libya has reinforced the need for some serious action. While governments are stumbling through this mess, too many people are suffering, so humanitarian organizations are springing up all over the place to help. One is Operation Refugee Child, which gives backpacks with basic necessities and even toys to refugee children and families who have left everything they own behind.  They work with a network of other NGOs and by 2016 have distributed at least 10,000 in the US, Middle East and Europe.

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