July 21, 2016 · Behind The Scenes

5 Products That Solve Your Pokémon Go Problems


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Have you found yourself crawling under small spaces, running down alleyways more than usual or walking in circles through the park lately? You and about 8 million other people. The Pokémon GO craze is spreading worldwide, bringing augmented reality (AR) to the masses and drawing people outside.

We know that all this hunting can come with some setbacks. Luckily, entrepreneurs are a step ahead of us, coming up with solutions faster than you can say Alakazam.

Here are 5 products that will bring you closer to catching all 151 and basking in the glory at the Pokemon Gym:

1. Did that Charizard’s fire get a little too close?

Or are the Squirtles bringing you into some murky water situations? Try cooling off with the Alter Ego water bottle – it filters your water wherever you find yourself.


2. Is your phone dying faster than a Staryu fighting a Pikachu?

This charger attaches to your phone as a case and will keep you poke-hunting long after your friends have gone home.


3. Tired of running after the evasive Snorlax all day?

Train up with muscle activating sportswear to build endurance.

4. Have you been hunting the Gastly all night?

How would a ‘all in one’ waterproof flashlight, phone charger, and lantern help?


5. Are the Zubats on the north end and the Ratatas on the south side?

Scurry across the city with this electric bike.

And if you have already caught all 151 or just need a break from Pokestops, try out your AR skills with multiplayer laser tag.

Happy Hunting!