It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy. But what if it could be even easier? These innovative summer products could help. Let’s paint a picture of what your day could look like:

Wake up and go paddle boarding early, while the water is still calm. Instead of hauling your heavy board down to the shore, save your efforts with this self-inflating standup paddleboard that pumps itself up in under 5 minutes. That’s an easy morning.


Do you spend your mornings fishing or taking the boat out instead? You’re set to have a few blissful hours on the water with the RokPak, the world’s first solar charger, battery charger and drybox all in one.

Take a break from your day in the sun to check your sunscreen. Sunscreenr shows you if you’ve missed a spot when applying sunscreen and where on your skin the sunscreen has worn off, even after sweating, swimming, or drying off.


Once you head to your campsite for the night, you don’t even need to worry about showering. Epic Wipes are ‘the shower that conveniently fits in your pocket’. They’re individually packaged, towel-sized wet wipes that are safe for you and the Earth and strong enough for your epic summer lifestyle.


Camping with friends? Solve all your multiple tent dilemmas with the Inti 2 tent, the world’s most versatile tent by Cotopaxi. This do-it-all shelter is perfect for your solo adventures, two-person backpacking trips, or camping groups of of four.


A crucial element to campsite setup is your mattress pad. Save yourself the breath and try the Max pump, the smallest and most powerful pump in the world. Max pump has you covered so you can sit back and relax.


And finally, as you wind down the night, light up your campsite with the BioLite BaseLantern. This portable lighting solution doubles as your own miniature smartgrid. It lights large group settings, charge phones and other devices, and offer powerful real-time analytics so you get the most from your off-grid energy.

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