July 5, 2016 · In The News

How to Not Lose Your Kid, Building Molecules and More Newsworthy Stories


Happy 4th of July! It’s kind of ironic that we are celebrating our independence as our former British rulers are exploring independence of their own…


Once your kid can walk, keeping track of them is a whole new ballgame. Gone are the days where you can just physically hold them in one place, or you could just fence them in with an ottoman, chair, and couch. Instead of giving your child a phone and risking premature Instagram usage, Snowfox is a simple phone an GPS tracker so that you can locate your little one. With just one button they can answer your calls, and ask you to call them. And there is no screen!
You might need such technology when your kids start school, and perhaps start running away from scary homework. Fortunately, there is a new model kit (that comes with an app) to at least make chemistry a little easier to handle. Happy Atoms is exploratory learning at its finest. Users can build molecules (and see if they are real chemical structures thanks to camera recognition), keep track of the molecules they’ve collected, and learn exactly how atoms fit together. Plus all of the characters are cute, and appear very happy indeed.
Now that we have many robots to run your household, there are now mini robot servants to carry out much more specific tasks. Pillo, as the name might imply, not only poops out your pills at the right time (just look at the way it is constructed), but will also answer questions about health and wellness and will even allow you to videochat with healthcare professionals. It also has facial recognition so it won’t accidentally give your dog your high blood pressure meds.

Hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen, the “Apple of condoms” is here. Which is a reference to the company, not a weird fruit metaphor. The Hex (endorsed by Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen) claims to be the strongest in the world. It might seem superfluous, but in the fact of unplanned pregnancy or STIs, it’s totally worth a few extra bucks. Please look at the campaign page if you want more details.

Where are they now?

Do you know who you’re gonna call on July 15? I do. Ghostbusters. Even if you never saw the original, you certainly know the theme song. A documentary called Ghostheads explores the world of Ghostbusters fanaticism, and interestingly will premiere on Netflix the same day as the reboot of the original film comes out. While some superfans are upset about the female-led reboot, Ghostheads actually includes interviews with the director and sees it as a celebration of the original.

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