August 25, 2016 · IGG

Arrow and Indiegogo Support Entrepreneurs with a New Go-to-Market Program



There are always hurdles on the road to entrepreneurship. To deliver on your promises, you’ll want experienced partners. That’s why we’re teaming up with Arrow, experts in engineering, to share valuable resources with makers.

Together, we’re launching a go-to-market program for entrepreneurs that could change the course of your campaign—and your business. It doesn’t matter if your campaign is just starting or already funded, we believe every entrepreneur deserves a shot at greatness.

Submit your project today. Any tech or design product launching on Indiegogo has a chance to qualify for game-changing discounts and guidance. And, if you have a product with an electrical component and meet Certification criteria, Arrow will review your design blueprints and coach you as you go to market. Certified campaigns will also have a chance at a share of $1,000,000 Arrow is offering through exciting “flash funding” rounds.

Additional benefits of the program include:

Discounts to bring down your costs

With the help of Arrow, build your most daring visions with a 10% discount (and free shipping) on the parts you need most, when you need them, and get access to free engineering tools.

Get certified by an expert

Arrow Certification will help win your backers’ trust. You’ll get connected with a team of Arrow engineers for a full BOM and DFM review and consultation. And, an “Arrow Certified” badge on your campaign page, you’ll show everyone that you’re ready for production.

A partner for the long haul

Zoom across the finish line with a partner as invested as you are. A select few Arrow Innovators will get every resource at Arrow’s disposal, from consultation to perk protection and warehousing services—a support package with a value as much as $500,000.

Join the program to receive your discount right away!