August 26, 2016 · Products

6 GIFs that perfectly sum up being a kid in 2016



Kids these days. They have all the coolest games and technology, they don’t even know the pain of dial-up internet or letting your tamagotchi starve to death. Gone are the days of playing with pogs and slinkies, these kids are competing with robots, drones and virtual reality. You might be a grown adult, but that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the fun.

If you’re a veritable gamer, you may daydream about your life being a video game. Your dreams are coming true, thanks to Father.IO, the world’s first real-life, massive multiplayer, first person shooter experience. Don’t forget to duck, because your backyard just became an adventure. You can now free up all of that brainpower you used for imagining to do something else.


The paleo diet may be trendy, but living like a caveman that uses “on your mark, get-set, go” to set up for races is so not cool. Now you can race your friends like a real 2016 kid with the help of sweet new drones.


Speaking of one-upping your friends, after you’ve crushed them in a drone race, how about flexing your muscles in some casual face to face robot fighting? But be careful letting the robots get too strong, lest they rise up against us.


If you want a more kid friendly-way to interact with robots (and trying to keep them docile), try IronBot. It’s a 3-in-1 DIY robot-learning kit. The coolest part? Add your smartphone and you can give it a brain. Unfortunately that means you have to share yours while you play.


If you’re not feeling competitive, or you’re just a little embarrassed about your table tennis skills, trying practicing with the Trainerbot, a smart ping pong robot that can teach you how to play. Get two, and take bets from your friends on which robot will win.


Legos are really cool. Remember feeling like the master of the universe when you built those giant Lego towers? Well now, kids can really feel like masters of the universe with Happy Atoms as they build, scan and identify molecules by presenting them like actual building blocks. So Legos x100.


Want more fun and games? Play around with this collection and follow it to hear about more robot-themed games coming your way.