August 29, 2016 · In The News

Entrepreneurs take over: uncovering plane food, saving art from gentrification, and more


We launched the official details of our partnership with Arrow this week, and it is truly a sweet deal for entrepreneurs. Arrow is going to help certain campaigners with all aspects of their projects, from creating working prototypes to getting them mass-produced. Literally an entrepreneur’s dream come true.


Do you panic when you’re mid video game and you’re on some crazy new level and your computer is about to die and there is no charger in sight? There are no good options. You can watch the dwindling battery slowly reach nothing, or you can put your bravery hat on and just turn it off. Thanks to Omnicharge, this trauma can be eradicated from your life for good. It’s a compact battery-extender that will keep you juiced up until you reach the safe haven where your charger lives.


I don’t know about you, but when I travel I go full mom and make sure I have at least 76 different snacks so that I don’t have to eat the plane food. It turns out that not all plane food is disgusting, and that its journey to the aircraft is actually pretty interesting. After working with an airline catering company, an Australian blogger started an Instagram account just for plane meals, and he is now making a documentary film called the In-Flight Food Trip about the whole thing. They should have called it “Snacks on a Plane”.

Social Impact

In case you forgot, Langston Hughes is an incredibly inspirational figure in American History who used his art to fight for equality. Even though his home in Harlem was turned into a landmark, it’s still facing the threat of impending gentrification. A young adult novelist who lives in the neighborhood just won’t let it happen. For an article in the Atlantic she said “Langston left a legacy of poetry about people—our people—who have been marginalized and misunderstood. I think riding in that same vein and creating [space] for] our people to put on record their own history and dreams is a powerful thing”. To save the house she launched the the I Too Arts Collective, which she hopes will eventually be a place that helps artists with all kinds of backgrounds flourish.

Where are they now?

For one of the greatest stretch goals ever, our Con Man friends made a videogame in which you get to organize your own convention, all the while avoiding the aliens that are trying to ruin it. You can now become the manager of Shock-A-Con during your daily bus rides.
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