August 29, 2016 · IGG

Revolutionary Fast Food: Disrupting a Billion Dollar Industry



“It was always community first.” – Chef Roy explains his motivations around creating his revolutionary food movement and restaurant, Locol.

For the Season 2 premiere of Go Time, we sat down with Roy to talk about Locol, a restaurant centered around the idea that fast food should be healthy, affordable, and a force for good within the community. He is known as one of the founders of the food truck movement and helped to create the successful fleet of Kogi Korean BBQ trucks in LA.  

We have to act if we want change. If we can open profitable restaurants that are inexpensive and serve delicious food made with real ingredients; if we bring new options to places that currently lack quality food; if we cook with heart; if we create an environment of warmth, generosity, and caring; and if we value the people with less money just as much as the ones with plenty, we can make a difference.”


The Locol team laid the foundation for a new fast food concept and turned to the crowd to make it happen.

The Locol brand started with this (the Indiegogo Locol Campaign.)”

The campaign went on to raise over $128k with a loyal community of over 1,300 backers. The funds raised during the campaign gave Roy and his business partner, Daniel, the runway to plan big. It allowed the team to take the time to work on aspects of the project that were critical to it’s success. Raising these funds also gave them leeway to strategically select investors and ensure that their missions were aligned.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about Roy’s experience after crowdfunding as he works to establish Locol as not only a business, but a revolutionary movement that aims to disrupt a two billion dollar industry.

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