September 20, 2016 · IGG

Arrow is Offering $1M in Flash Funding to Eligible Entrepreneurs



They say money can’t buy happiness—which is true! But capital can buy more chances to bring your entrepreneurial vision to life. For a budding business, a round of funding can lift you from a pit of frustration or set you on the path toward taking the world by storm. It can spell the difference between dancing and defeat.

We want to help your business go the distance, so the engineering experts at Arrow are offering flash funding (a huge, one-time cash award) to Arrow Certified campaigners on Indiegogo.

Starting this October, eligible campaigners will have a shot at part of $1,000,000 in flash funding. With Arrow’s flash funding, you’ll go from dreaming to doing overnight—with the fast cash and resources to fuel you across the finish line

To become eligible, sign up for our program with Arrow right away, we’ve partnered to offer mentorship, business and engineering guidance, tools, resources and more. If you have a product with an electrical component and meet Certification criteria, Arrow will review your design blueprints and coach you as you go to market. It doesn’t matter if your campaign is just starting or already funded, we believe every entrepreneur deserves a shot at greatness.

Explore the many benefits of Arrow Certification and become eligible for Flash Funding today.