Danae spoke at the Inc. Iconic conference last week, so in her honor (and in honor of all Indiegogo campaigners) CNBC put together this list of some of the biggest Indiegogo campaigns. It’s always fun to celebrate. We were also part of Art House Theater Day. On September 24, independent theaters all over the country showed first run and repertory screenings of a bunch of different movies.


Sorry headphones, you’re on your way out. Human just created a listening device called “Sound” which are not headphones, but rather a completely new kind of listening experience. You can use them to talk on the phone, listen to whatever you listen to, and you can control how much ambient noise they filter out.


All of our fancy technology is making life so smart that, with so many notifications telling you what’s going on and what you should be doing, it’s easy to miss the important ones. Glance Clock lets you choose the alerts that you really need. For some of us, it’s calendar invites. For others, it’s knowing exactly when it’s your turn on Words with Friends.


The outrage over the lack of headphone jack in the iPhone 7 persists, so thank the big G there is a solution. The Fuze case solves the (horrible injustice) problem by adding an adapter that’s a headphone jack. And there’s more! It also has extra battery juice for when you’ve played too much Pokemon Go and need Google Maps for help with the subway. A widespread problem I’m sure.


Recently there was major controversy because the makers of the EpiPen increased the price by a whole lot, which isn’t very chill because the whole reason it exists is for life-threatening allergies. AllergyStop has proved that the price hike was entirely unnecessary by creating a much more affordable alternative. It fits on your keychain but the hardest part is yet to come: FDA approval.

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