October 5, 2016 · Products

5 Products That Will Keep You Fit and Healthy



In today’s digital age, there are many innovative products designed to keep us active, healthy and fit. From fitness trackers that monitor our activity to sleep devices that ensure we get enough rest to wearables that fix our posture, these products are meant to improve our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. It’s never too late to start being conscious of our health. Check out our Health & Fitness collection to keep up with the newest campaigns.

Curious what kinds of campaigns you might find in the collection? Here are a few of our favorites and each is designed to solve a unique problem.

Snore Circle: The World’s Smartest Anti-Snoring Device

Have you ever slept in the same room as someone who snores? Or, maybe you are that person. There’s no denying that trying to sleep while someone is snoring away is tough, which is why the makers of Snore Circle have set out to solve this problem once and for all. The silicone earpieces fit snugly onto the snorer’s ears and not only detect snoring sounds with bone conduction and sound recognition technologies, but reduce snoring by causing the airway to open wider.

SpineGym: Strong Back and Abs for Life

Perfect back, abs and straight posture with just a 4-minute standing exercise? That’s what SpineGym helps you do, by enhancing your posture, getting rid of back pain and achieving that nice flat belly we all dream of. Bonus: it only takes 4 minutes, and you can do this at home, at your office or anywhere you want, whenever you want.

iBeat: The Smartwatch That Can Save Your Life


Smartwatches are becoming more and more popular, and now they can do so much more than just tell time and read your texts. iBeat is a sleek and comfortable smartwatch that you wear 24/7, and its medical grade sensors constantly monitor your heart activity to detect oncoming life-threatening emergencies. If an emergency is detected, iBeat alerts you, your loved ones and 911 to send immediate care and potentially save your life.

The Right Cup: Trick Your Brain, Drink More Water!


We all know you’re supposed to drink plenty of water everyday. But if you have trouble forcing down 8 cups per day, The Right Cup is the ideal product for you. It’s a fruit-flavored cup that will help trick your brain into thinking you’re drinking fruit juice or fruit-flavored water, but you’re really just drinking plain old water!

Kryo Sleep Performance System


Do you have trouble sleeping? Sleep doctors agree the ideal sleep temperature is between 60-68 degrees; the Kryo Sleep System helps make that happen. It’s a water-based, app-controlled cooling mattress topper that actively cools down to 60℉ (16℃) to improve your REM and deep sleep by as much as 25%. It also integrates with popular fitness wearables like Fitbit, Jawbone UP and Misfit.

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