October 25, 2016 · IGG, Tips & Insights

Go To Market With Lessons From Indiegogo and General Assembly



Indiegogo is pairing up with the startup pros at General Assembly to share our expert insights with campaigners in 10 cities worldwide. Whether you’ve already wrapped up your campaign or you’re in the thick of crowdfunding, we’ve got advice for you.

We’re coming to you, New York, Boston, DC, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, London, and Singapore!

In our evening workshop, you’ll explore real-world examples to learn:

  • Keys for success at each stage of your project’s development.
  • How to know if your idea is ready to fund — and if crowdfunding is right for you.
  • Insider tips for planning and executing a successful crowdfunding campaign.
  • How to keep building your project, even after your campaign has finished.

If you can’t attend in person, you can download our entrepreneur worksheet, walking you through the steps to go all the way from concept to reality.

Let’s team up to help your big idea go the distance! Learn more about the event & RSVP, today.