October 31, 2016 · In The News

The First Indie Video Game From Cuba and Other Newsworthy Campaigns




If you’re looking to upgrade your Razr scooter because moving your legs is just not fun anymore, the Immotor Go is perfect for you. Not only can you control it completely from your phone, it has a “Super Battery,” which is really two batteries that communicate to optimize power. Ultimately they want to include other battery-powered gadgets as part of the whole package.
We have come one step closer to being a fully robot-controlled society. Not only is there a self-driving stroller, there is also now a self-rocking cradle. NoomiNoomi does more than just rock your baby to sleep, it also plays lullabies to help with the process.

In addition to the annoyance of contact lenses, users have to worry about an increased likelihood of infection when they do something like sleep in them overnight. A former Microsoft engineer created Contax to solve that problem. It’s a case that prevents the buildup of bacteria with scratch and leak-proof materials. Clear eyes, full hearts, am I right?


The first Indie video-game from Cuba is being funded on Indiegogo. Savior is a hand-drawn 2D game, and it’s developers turned to Indiegogo because the technological limitations in Cuba make creating a game extremely difficult. With the support of our amazing backer community they hope to release the game in 2018.
There is endless debate about what video games do to people. Do they become more violent? Less social? Do they have very strange hallucinations in which life is Mario Kart?  Champions of Shengha tries to promote mindfulness by using a heart rate monitor and only letting you beat who you play against if you can stay calm.

Where are they now?

Linjer, the beautiful leather accessories that ran an Indiegogo campaign in 2014 have not just raised $1M, but are now profitable. In this article, the co-founders explain that when they raised $185,000 in the first two days of their campaign, they saw a clear market for their product. They also describe some of the struggles from scaling a business from a living room, to a multi-employee company. Definitely a must-read!