October 28, 2016 · Products

Hosting for the Holidays? These 8 Tools Can Help



The holidays are a time to honor family traditions that have been passed down through generations. But they are also a chance to make new rituals with clever gadgets that bring our seasonal fun into the modern age.

Here are a few of our favorite innovations that make hosting a holiday party less of a hassle—putting the focus back on the fun:

MEATER: The Only Wire-Free Smart Meat Thermometer


The hardest thing about cooking for holiday guests? The turkey.

The Meater makes holiday cooking much easier as the first wire-free meat thermometer of its kind. With internal hardware that can read the internal and external temperature of food, it can notify your smartphone as soon as your turkey is ready. If you’re too busy to grab it at the time, you can set up the Meater to ping another guest’s smartphone. So go ahead and play card games with your nephew—you no longer have to worry about the meat in the meantime.

Glance Clock. See what you need, when you need it


Every holiday party has a ton of moving pieces: Guests arriving, cookies that are ready, friends asking what supplies they should bring. To coordinate your evening, the Glance Clock could be like your control tower. It syncs with your smartphone to show you the information you need at the right moment. A notification will pop up inside the clock on the wall, meaning that every guest will be able to see and help you out. They could even take the cookies out of the oven for you.

Bulat: Your Go-To Kitchen Knife


If you’ve always wanted to advance your chopping skills in the kitchen—but you haven’t been ready to splurge on a steel blade that costs hundreds of dollars—we have just the knife for you. The makers of Bulat were frustrated that premium knives were unnecessarily expensive. So, the founders cut through the traditional sales channels to offer a knife made of top-of-the-line Damascus steel, at less than half the normal price. Go ahead and chop the finest herbs, garlic, and chives into your holiday meal—with Bulat, you can show off your precision without spending a fortune.

ONELID – fits all


As you’re rushing around your party, don’t burn yourself on the pot of gravy. Instead, use ONELID. The revolutionary lid fits any pot to end the major annoyances linked with stovetop cooking: It’s always cool to the touch. It prevents water from boiling over the top. It even acts as a strainer so that you don’t have to transfer your food to a sieve inside the sink.

iGulu – Smart, Automated Craft Beer Home Brewery


Show off your craft brewing skills to your family members with iGulu. The smart, automated system allows you to choose or customize a recipe. Then, monitor your beer’s progress through an app on your smartphone. No need to keep all that smelly mead in a bucket and guess when it’s ready. Even your beer loving uncles will be impressed with the professional quality of your brew.

OnTheRocks: Make Crystal Clear Ice Cubes & Spheres


If you’d rather serve seasonal cocktails, OnTheRocks will help you do so in style. These trays of two-inch ice cubes and spheres will make your drinks look worthy of a commercial. You’ve never had a piece of ice this crystal clear. Previously, crystal-clear ice cubes were a specialty, expensive item, and it was hard to fit enough of these ice cubes in a fridge to host a party. OnTheRocks changed all of that. Magnify the fun ingredients in your drink and amaze your guests with OnTheRocks

ALCHEMA: Turn Fruit into Personalized Craft Cider


Still have apples left over from your Thanksgiving pie? No problem! Turn them into a craft cider using ALCHEMA. Explore new flavor combinations to come up with your own signature cider. In one to two weeks, you can brew your favorite new drink. A smart machine links up with your phone to tell you when it’s ready.

CinniBird Spice Pen


What better way to remind your parents that you love them than by writing it in cinnamon? CinniBird lets you draw with ground spices, so you can write whatever you want on top of a latte—or any other food. Get creative and draw personalized greetings for your family around their holiday appetizers!

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