October 27, 2016 · IGG

Arrow Surprises PlayDate with $100,000 in Flash Funds



Indiegogo and Arrow have chosen four flash funding recipients during the month of October.

We are excited to announce the final winner of Arrow flash funding this month: the team behind PlayDate, an interactive pet camera and toy. The PlayDate lets you play with your dog or cat from anywhere in the world, via a ‘smart ball and mobile app’. The team has raised over $500k to create their product. They are an Arrow Certified Campaign, which not only gives them access to flash funding, but also expert engineering advice, resources, tools and discounts. Watch the video below for their reaction to winning $100k in flash funds:

Submit your project today. Any tech or design product launching on Indiegogo has a chance to qualify for game-changing discounts and guidance. And, if you have a product with an electrical component and meet Certification criteria, Arrow will review your design blueprints and coach you as you go to market. Certified campaigns will also have a chance at a share of $1,000,000 Arrow is offering through these exciting flash funding rounds!