November 7, 2016 · IGG

Goodbye Surveys. Item Options Gives Campaigners All the Information They Need



Let’s face it: as an entrepreneur bringing your product to market, managing perks is an important but daunting task: you’re figuring out item and size preferences, dealing with shipping address information, prioritizing backers’ personalization requests – and often all while running your crowdfunding campaign. Frankly, it can be quite a lot to handle, especially if you’re offering several perks that all have multiple variations (different colors, sizes, etc).  

So, we’re excited to introduce Item Options to make managing perks that much easier.  Item Options allows you to collect and manage item preferences for any perk that you offer. You can now ask backers for any item information (think: size, color, etc) when they claim a perk, so you can get all the information you need from the backer up front and focus on raising funds and bringing your product to market.

How it works:

You decide what information to collect when setting up your perks in your campaign editor. If you offer a t-shirt perk, you could collect a backer’s size and color. Once your campaign is live, backers are prompted to provide the information you want when they claim a perk and contribute. It’s just that easy.

Best of all, you’ll always know how certain perks and items are performing, as well as exactly how many of each item you’ll need to produce. You don’t have to send surveys after your campaign ends, try to track down backers for their information, or use an expensive third-party service.

Item Options makes it easier than ever to bring your project to market and fulfill perks, and it’s now available starting today to most new campaigns.

Whether through partnering with leading companies like Arrow and Amazon or by building new products and features, such as our integration with Apple Pay or supporting credit cards for fixed funding campaigns, we’re helping entrepreneurs bring their ideas from concept to market easier and faster than ever.

Learn everything you need to know about perks in this easy guide.