November 4, 2016 · Success Stories

Entrepreneurs From The UK Find Their Global Market



Campaigns on Indiegogo have launched from almost every country around the world with millions of dollars in contributions from the backer community. This global reach allows entrepreneurs to tap into a network of customers while building awareness for their product in these new markets. We want to highlight a few of the successes we’ve seen from campaigners in the United Kingdom, who not only used Indiegogo to fund their big idea, but are bringing their product from manufacturing and production all the way to market. Here are three entrepreneurs who are thriving post-crowdfunding:

Flux Finds Funds For Manufacturing and Production

The only downside of owning a smartphone is when the battery runs out, and you’re far from home. The founders of Flux—based in Birmingham, England—decided to fix that problem. Most phones or batteries take about three to four hours to charge, but the portable Flux battery charges in just 15 minutes. With over $60,000 raised on Indiegogo, they’ve teamed up with a manufacturer to make the design even slimmer and more convenient. Soon, they’ll kick off production and send the first 2,000 batteries to their lucky backers.

Cocoon Brings Home Security to the UK

The British founders of Cocoon realized that home security was too complicated and expensive—most people in the UK and the US didn’t bother with it. So they set out to make a home security system that everyone could use. Their compact device Cocoon detects infrasonic sound waves that humans can’t hear, keeping homes safe without false alarms. Backers were inspired by this new vision of simple home security, so Cocoon was able to raise $249,860. Cocoons are now sold on Amazon and have made it to over 50 different countries. They were shortlisted for the 2014 London Design Award.

TENs Finds An Enthusiastic Investor

These young British entrepreneurs had the idea to create sunglasses that allow you to see the world through an uplifting, colored filter. The TENS team raised more than £370,000 from 9,300 backers and have shipped to more than 100 countries. Things got even more exciting when business magnate Richard Branson tried a pair from a backer on his kite-surfing trip to Necker Island. Afterwards, he made a large investment to help TENS drive global sales and strengthen its international profile.

These are just a few examples of the many entrepreneurs from the UK who made their impact on Indiegogo. Join our community of thousands of successful entrepreneurs and learn more about how to get started today: