November 22, 2016 · IGG

Sell on Indiegogo: no crowdfunding campaign required



Today we’re announcing a new pilot program to let entrepreneurs sell products directly on Indiegogo. In this new pilot, entrepreneurs with products that are currently shipping can tap into Indiegogo’s community of innovation seekers without running a crowdfunding campaign. They don’t have to raise a certain amount of money, and their page can be live as long as they’d like.

Responding to entrepreneurs’ needs

We’ve seen thousands of entrepreneurs use Indiegogo to sell or offer pre-orders for their product as it moves through the stages of product development, from concept into production or shipping.

Now, we’re doing even more. A newly designed page displays a single product, making the purchase decision simple and straightforward. Plus, an improved commerce experience highlights the information that matters most to buyers, like product price and estimated delivery time. For example, see how Joule is driving sales through their product page.

Entrepreneurs already harness their Indiegogo community to grow their business beyond their crowdfunding campaigns. Successful crowdfunders have leveraged InDemand to continue raising money and building their community, with thousands of entrepreneurs generating millions of dollars in transactions in InDemand alone. Now, entrepreneurs with products that are currently shipping can sell their product on Indiegogo, without needing to run a crowdfunding campaign.

Taking products from concept to market

This pilot is yet another way we’re helping entrepreneurs take their ideas from concept to market. We’ve invested in partnerships and resources for entrepreneurs such as design and engineering mentorship from Arrow or marketing and promotion support from Newegg. We help entrepreneurs build a business, whether they need to refine their prototype, manufacture their product or get retail distribution.

We’re launching today with a small group of innovative sellers. If you’re interested in selling your product on Indiegogo, just let us know.