November 23, 2016 · IGG

The makers behind Solar Roadways discuss the future of clean energy



Julie and Scott Brusaw, a couple from Sandpoint, Idaho, launched an Indiegogo campaign to bring their invention of Solar Roadways, pavement that generates power, to the public. They not only doubled their goal of $1 million, but also galvanized a global community of enthusiasts and even received an invitation to attend the White House Maker Faire. Their innovation aims to provide clean energy to the world by taking smart solar panels quite literally to the streets.

Recently, Scott and Julie have been working on the new SR3 Panel which has 25% more solar gain and is able to display custom light colors. In addition to the production of their latest prototype, Solar Roadways is gearing up for the public installations of these panels. On October 3, 2016, the first Solar Roadways panels were installed in the hometown of its inventors in Sandpoint, Idaho. The team is using this pilot as the first of many to test the third iteration of their panels.

In this video, Solar Roadways discusses the benefits of working with Arrow Electronics to source their electrical parts and receive expert advice from Arrow engineers to build their panels:

To download the audio version of this podcast, click here.

Scott and Julie also sit down with the CEO of Indiegogo, Dave Mandelbrot, in a full length video to talk about their journey of fundraising and developing the technology behind solar powered roads, and how this could shape the future of clean energy.