November 28, 2016 · Products

6 Gifts for People Who Have Everything



You can become an early adopter with the newest discounted gadgets on Indiegogo. These ideas are unlike anything you’ve seen before, which makes them ideal presents for your loved ones who may already have everything. 

The HYDRA: SmartBottle


When hiking, backpacks should be as light as possible, and every extra ounce counts. That’s why the HYDRA SmartBottle is such an amazing innovation. Combining a water bottle with a charger and bluetooth speakers, it gives outdoor enthusiasts everything they need to enjoy the outdoors, without needing to carry three separate items.

Micro Drone 3.0: Flight in the Palm of Your Hand


This micro drone fits in your palm, and it has modular parts, meaning that any broken piece can easily be 3D printed and replaced. The other fun part about that? You can 3D print any shape and customize the drone to be whatever you want: a bumble bee, a UFO, an abstract shape… Let your imagination fly, literally.

Evapolar: World’s first personal air conditioner


We all have that friend who’s always hot, even at 60 degrees. Evapolar would be their perfect present. The device fits on your desk, allowing you to control your personal microclimate with the power of water evaporation. It’s smaller and more advanced than any air cooler of its kind. Allow your clammy friend to control their own climate, even when everyone else in the room feels like it’s at the perfect temperature.

Bagel: The World’s Smartest Tape Measure


Maybe one of your loved ones geeks out about measurements. Who are we to judge? If they love inches and meters and measuring odd shapes, then Bagel will make them light up. This smart tape measurer can accurately assess the size of irregular curves and angles, making it the perfect tool for crafters and tinkerers.

SHOTBOX: The Pop-Up Photo Light Studio Upgraded


For a photographer or a visually oriented blogger, this gift would set their work apart from the rest. SHOTBOX is a pop-up, portable photo studio that would give the picture-perfect background for someone who sells crafts online or preserves family heirlooms. Create the ideal environment for photos, anywhere.

The World’s Best Hybrid Hoodie – Wear EVERYWHERE!


Your friend wears a hoodie every day, even in the snow. Now, he doesn’t have to shiver. The Hybrid Hoodie will keep him comfortable from -5 to 70 degrees. Give him a gift he’ll wear constantly.

These perks are discounted just in time for Cyber Monday so you can be the first to get them before they hit stores! They are the perfect unique items for those friends and family who have it all. Get them a gift so fitting, it’s almost as if it was created just for them. Find it on Indiegogo.