November 29, 2016 · IGG

6 Easy Ways To Make An Impact This Giving Tuesday



#GivingTuesday is a global movement to kick off the holiday season with gratitude by supporting the causes we care about. We want to make giving back easy for everyone by providing a large selection of causes and charities. From environmentally conscious products to supporting a local art house, there are many unique ways to make an impact this holiday season.  

Provide Access to Clean Water


Did you know approximately 1.8 billion people around the world are still drinking from a contaminated water source? Mountain Safety Research (MSR) hopes to reduce this number through their Community Chlorine Maker. This device will enable low-resource communities around the world to create chlorine for safe water treatment on the spot. This one simple device can have endless impact on communities globally.

Support Access to Alternative Medical CURe Programs


Compassionate use allows for terminally and chronically ill patients to access experimental drugs when they want to fight to live and the standard treatment plans haven’t worked. CURe (Compassionate Use Reform) was founded to work alongside patients and families to launch two core programs, an information hub and a solution hub. These programs will help patients navigate through the web of drug companies, doctors and government policies to get the treatments they need.

Create Clean Meat


“Agriculture generates anywhere from 14 to 51 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions attributable to humans and occupies 40 percent of Earth’s arable lands,” according to the Memphis Meats campaign. They are working to create meat grown from animal cells without the need to raise and slaughter animals. Their products aim to be significantly better for the environment, the animals and your favorite recipes.

Empower At-Risk Youth


The ‘Ever Forward-Siempre Adelante’ organization empowers at-risk young men through mentor-led safe environment programs. The organization aims to help men of color realize their potential and overcome adversity. They hope to create a nationwide network of in-school clubs, certified mentors, and workshop programs.

Give Warmth To Those In Need


The Hideaway is an ultra-packable water resistant jacket that has strategically placed panels for extra insulation. High-vis colorway keeps you safe during the day, while reflective logos keep you seen at night. This holiday season, the team at Hideaway will be partnering with charities to put 1,000 jackets on the homeless for the winter.

Participate in the Arts


The Austin Film Society is a nonprofit that was founded by filmmaker Richard Linklater in 1985 and is committed to bringing international art house cinema to Austin. If you love supporting the arts and bringing unique cinema to a theater near you, check out the AFS campaign. In 2017, they will open its first-ever two-screen art house cinema.

Make Eco-Friendly Purchases


The Savory Institute’s goal is to empower people to make informed food and clothing purchases while healing the environment. They want consumers to connect with the products that align with their values as well as with the farmers and ranchers behind those products. They do this through their Land-to-Market verification project, where farmers and ranchers have to scientifically demonstrate, with empirical data to back it up, that they are rebuilding broken ecosystems.

There are many unique ways to make an impact this #GivingTuesday. To find more causes to support, check out this collection.