December 5, 2016 · IGG

The First Documentary About The Origins of Sesame Street



“Come and play..Everything’s A-Ok”

If you didn’t grow up watching Sesame Street, you’ve definitely heard about the famous street and its many eclectic characters. The show that has changed children’s education and television history left many questions unanswered for documentary filmmakers Trevor Crafts and Marilyn Agrelo. They wanted to know how the show began and why? Who was responsible for bringing it to life? How did the social change of the 1960s impact the shows direction?

In the upcoming documentary, Street Gang, Trevor and Marilyn tell the story of how Sesame Street began from the point of view of its three creators, Joan Ganz Cooney, Jon Stone and Jim Henson. In this episode of Go Time, we speak with Trevor and Marilyn about what it takes to tell the story of one of the most famous children’s show of our time and how crowdfunding has brought this vision to life.

The filmmakers share tips on bringing a documentary to life with help from the crowd, and how they dealt with a shifting timeline and budget while staying loyal to the film’s vision. As far as advice for those looking to start a similar project, Trevor says, “Execution is the game. You can’t just have a good idea. The well runs deep with good ideas.

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