December 6, 2016 · IGG

General Assembly wants your vote to bring an innovation to life



At Indiegogo, we’ve seen countless brilliant ideas that aim to change the way we use technology. Today, you can help one of those ideas get off the ground, simply by voting.

We’re thrilled to announce the $1,500 flash funding challenge from General Assembly. General Assembly gathered three Indiegogo projects whose missions align with their community’s focus on education, cause, and tech. Now, we’re collecting your votes on which idea you’d like to see happen. The winning project will receive a $1,500 award from General Assembly to help make their idea a reality.

As a global education company, General Assembly believes in the importance of the intersection between education and technology. Whether you care about education, tech, or nonprofits, we’ve got a campaign you can support. Here are the three ideas asking for your vote:

Victor App


Victor App links veterans with crucial resources in their community, helping them readjust more seamlessly into civilian life. The team is using technology to connect, empower, and organize service members, veterans and their families with military-friendly businesses and communities. Your vote would help them create a tool that makes it easier for veterans to come home, be happy, and successful, and attain the life after service they deserve.



What if you could do something good every time you shop? Sustainably lets you do just that. Once you add your credit and debit cards in the app and choose your favorite causes, the app will sync with your cashless transactions and round up to the nearest £ or $ every time you shop. Users can support global or local causes, track their impact and feel good about the difference they’re making simply just by going about their every day lives lives. Your vote can make this app happen.



Whiteboards are a great tool for brainstorming and problem-solving, but today’s whiteboards are big and heavy with limited portability. Good ideas can come from anywhere, anytime, not just during your scheduled brainstorm meetings. With that in mind, ButterflyBoard Project set out in 2013 to solve this problem. After countless prototypes and trials, today’s ButterflyBoard is a carefully designed, portable, and flexible tool. Your vote will enable users to be creative anytime, anywhere.

Help one of these worthy ideas get the money they need to reach more people and make an even bigger impact! Here’s how: Just enter your email to vote and stay tuned to see if your choice came out on top.