December 12, 2016 · In The News

News this week: From the Oscars to Morgan Spurlock, Indiegogo funded films take off


Something very cool was announced this week. We are partnering with Morgan Spurlock’s production company Warrior Poets to help more independent filmmakers bring their movies to the screen. WP will offer production and post-production services as well as film festival, financial and distribution strategy and consultation for certain Indiegogo-funded films, and our pal Morgan will be the executive producer. They’ll also get backstop distribution through iTunes Movies & Virgil Films, which will relieve another major headache for filmmakers. The first campaign for this partnership will be “We Believe in Dinosaurs,” a documentary about Kentucky creationists who believe God created dinosaurs 6,000 years ago. Here’s a delightful quote from Mr. Spurlock himself:
I am so proud to partner with an innovator like Indiegogo whose platform allows dreams to come true for a host of incredibly talented filmmakers,” Spurlock said. “We wish to accomplish many great things with this partnership, but above all else, we hope to play a central role in blazing the path for the next generation of filmmakers.”



We hear a lot about diabetes as a consequence of poor eating habits and lack of exercise. While Type II diabetes really stinks, Type I diabetes is even worse. It happens when your pancreas simply does not produce the insulin your body needs to convert glucose into energy. Type I diabetics have to give themselves insulin injections four times a day at an exact time, with an exact dosage. Extremely easy to mess up. After a near-death experience from accidentally injecting himself with too much insulin, an entrepreneur created the Insulog, which keeps track of how much gets injected and when. This will be an amazing tool for a lot of people.


Carl Merryweather swears that he had an alien encounter as a kid, and now has a chance to reencounter the same alien in the same location. The creator of the Blair Witch Project is joining Carl to make a documentary, called Skyman, about it. The producers of Skyman are even going to have online auditions to recreate scenes of Merryweather’s childhood experience. If you’re an aspiring actor and a lover of of extraterrestrial life, keep an eye on this campaign.
The print industry may be in decline, but regardless of how convenient it is to read things online, holding a book or a magazine is so much more satisfying. Paste ran from 2002-2010, and will be coming back thanks to an Indiegogo campaign. Now it will also include a vinyl sampler, for audio geeks and music lovers alike.

Social Impact

Water is life, and 1.8 billion people around the world are still drinking from a contaminated source. The World Health Organization estimates that 502,000 people around the world die from diarrheal illnesses every year due to the little bacteria that live in water. Most water purification is expensive and requires energy, which means that it’s just not possible for the people who need it most. Mountain Safety Research created the Community Chlorine Maker to ensure that people can purify their water. It can purify up to 200 liters on the spot (and in five minutes) using just salt and a battery. The campaign is not for the creation of the product, but rather its distribution around the world.

Where are they now?


Indiegogo-funded films are killing it this week. Free In Deed is a film based on the true story of the pentecostal minister who is tasked with healing a young boy’s illness, and, in the process, goes through some painful self-discovery. It was nominated for four Independent Spirit Awards, including John Cassavetes Award (for a film shot for under 500K), Best Cinematography, Best Male Lead, and Best Supporting Female.

Also, an Indiegogo-funded documentary was shortlisted for the Oscars. Tower tells the story of the survivors of the first American school shooting at the University of Texas. Films like these will hopefully remind people of the importance of gun safety in preventing senseless tragedy.

It’s been a busy week for entrepreneurs. Join our community and get started on your idea today!