December 14, 2016 · Success Stories

Equity Crowdfunding: 4 weeks in, $575k+ raised



10 years ago, Indiegogo founders dreamed of launching a platform that allowed anyone to invest in and help build the companies they believed in. Now, less than a month into equity crowdfunding, all four participating companies have surpassed their initial goal, thanks to investors who’ve helped raise $575k (and counting) in equity funds.

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the newest company you can invest in: Texas Zebo, a two restaurant concept: one part coffee shop and bar, one part ‘farm to pizza’ restaurant. Texas Zebo secured locations in both Dallas and Austin and are opening up the doors of investment to anyone, regardless of income or financial background.


Investing in companies like Zebo not only gives you a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into building a product, but you can also stand to benefit if the company goes on to greater heights.

Here are a few advantages of investing in any of the four companies currently raising money on our affiliate platform:

Have your voice heard in the development of a product


ArtCraft is looking for investors for their biggest online role-playing game, Crowfall, where thousands of players vie for the same virtual throne. Passionate gamers not only get first access to the game, but can also be more directly involved in the gaming development process. “When we started our company we decided that we wanted to be as close to our customers as possible,” says ArtCraft founders, Gordon Walton and Todd Coleman. “Crowdfunding, both rewards-based and equity, allows our customers to participate in the development of our product and our business in a way that was, frankly, unimaginable even a few years ago.” Now, you can play the game and offer your feedback into how it’s made.

Invest in local businesses that matter to you


When you invest in a local business, you invest in that city, its people and its economy. And now you can be an investor in the mission of two local, female entrepreneurs who are blazing their own path in a largely male dominated industry. Republic Restoratives is an urban, small batch distillery and craft cocktail bar that also happens to be the first, and currently the only, women-owned distillery in Washington D.C. “We knew we wanted to offer previous backers, new friends, and strangers the opportunity to really help us build and grow our business,” says Republic Restoratives founder, Pia Carusone. To them, they not only have a growing community of enthusiasts, but they are welcoming hundreds of new business partners to the team. Now, on your next trip to D.C., you can stop by the bar you’ve invested in.  

Become part of a unique community


At Play Impossible, users with a passion for active play and gaming can become part of an enthusiastic community of investors. Play Impossible is a gaming company that created the Gameball™, a multi-sport, mobile device-connected ball designed to keep kids active. The team at Play Impossible is looking to extend their pool of investors. And what does the team want from an investor? “We hope that these early investors become an influential part our community moving forward,” says Brian Monnin, founder of Play Impossible. The more these investors engage with the company, and spread the word about the mission, the better the company will do. This gives the investor and listing business a common goal: turning a profit.

Play a role in changing an industry


If you love music and technology, consider getting involved with BeatStars, a platform that’s changing how music is made and distributed. This social music marketplace and distribution company enables music producers and recording artists to collaborate, share, sell, and distribute, any type of musical content worldwide. The team of music lovers at Beatstars turned to equity crowdfunding because they wanted their users to play a role in the company’s growth. “Equity crowdfunding puts the power back into the people that know there is a need for a product or service and eliminates the limited sight that institutional investors approach investing with,” says Beatstars founder, Abe Batshon. “Who else better to build our company with than the people that believed in us early on and helped shape what that company looks like now.”

Equity investment is changing the landscape of how customers are involved in the companies they support. Whether it’s gaming, music, restaurants, or tech, you can invest in the ideas you believe in. Learn more about these businesses and how to get involved.


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