February 1, 2017 · IGG

Boost your business with $75,000 in flash funding from Arrow



Imagine finding out you had been awarded $75,000 to turn your entrepreneurial dream into reality. Andy Karuza and the team from FenSens found themselves in that exact position when they became the third Arrow Certified campaign to receive $75,000 in flash funding in October 2016. The cash was the boost they needed to pivot FenSens from an idea to a full-fledged business. Now, they are hard at work making new car technology affordable for everyone.

How would cash boost your business idea? Find out in March when Arrow awards the next campaigner with $75,000 in flash funds. In order to qualify for a chance to win, you will need to sign up for the Arrow Certification Program and get certified by Arrow. Learn how to become eligible for $75,000 in funds from Arrow today.

Together Indiegogo and Arrow, a global provider of engineering solutions, design support and hands-on coaching, are changing the way entrepreneurs go to market. Through the Arrow Certification program, campaigners can deliver their product on time and under budget thanks to exclusive discounts, expert feedback, design review and flash funding.

What exactly is flash funding and how does it work?

Flash funding is a huge cash award opportunity for eligible entrepreneurs in the Arrow Certification program. Funds can be used to help offset costs you may have as you manufacture your product. In October, Arrow awarded $250,000 to four Arrow Certified  campaigns – the winners FenSens, Kordbot, Noria, and PlayDate all used flash funding to scale their businesses:

Manufacture and ship your product:

The first winner, Brad Holland of Kordbot, received $25,000 in flash funds to ramp up manufacturing and deliver his product, an all-in-one chord generator and studio production assistant device, to backers.  

Create multiple prototypes:  

Arrow awarded $50,000 to Kurt Swanson, Don Pancoe and the entrepreneurial team at Noria Technologies, as they build the world’s most intuitive window air conditioner. Kurt says the money will help Noria create additional product iterations, allowing them to make the best possible product for consumers.

Create the next leader in IoT technology:

PlayDate, the fourth and final winner of Arrow flash funding in October, won a $100,000 award to turn their interactive pet camera and toy idea into a reality, which they showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show this year!

Could you be next? In 2017, Arrow is awarding a total of $1 million in flash funding to entrepreneurs in the Arrow Certification program, beginning this March.

Join the Arrow Certification program today for your chance to win a share of $1M in flash funding!