February 3, 2017 · Products

Super Bowl Sunday? Not without these 5 products


The Super Bowl takes a lot more prep than just sitting down in front of the TV and watching your team bring home the trophy. You need to rally your friends, choose a place to watch it, cook good food and make sure you’re all on the same team. Whether you are cheering for the Patriots, Falcons or you’re just there for the beer and hot wings, here are five products every Super Bowl fan will love:   

The two most important things on Superbowl Sunday are football and food. And now, you won’t have to take meat to the grill outside or worry about food burning on the stove top. The Paragon Ultimate Cooking System makes cooking easy with temperature control from your phone. Through Bluetooth connectivity with the Paragon’s cooktop, mat, and probe you can sear, poach, simmer, sous vide, sauté, and stir-fry to perfection.

If Tom Brady throws a Hail Mary or Julio Jones scores a touchdown, you’re going to want to see and hear it. The S-Series is a compact and powerful home sound system that will feel like you’re at the stadium, live in all the action.

Did you forget you had a last-minute trip planned on Sunday or had to work instead? Don’t worry, because now there is a high-resolution, large and portable pop-up display. The SPUD makes it easy to watch football by connecting to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop – no matter where you are!

What if you could have draft beer without the expensive bar tab? Skip the pub on Superbowl Sunday, host at home and still serve your friends delicious beer with the Fizzics Waytap. This beer dispenser revives any can or bottle beer, giving you a draft-quality beer pour.

With all the prep done, you can sit down on the couch and enjoy the game without missing a single play, thanks to the Sevenhugs Smart Remote. With this remote, you can control TVs, media players, speakers, lights, thermostats and other connected devices in your house, with the touch of the button – giving even the most active athletes, time to relax.

Want more products for a connected home? Check out our smart home collection. Otherwise, sit back, relax and enjoy the game.