February 10, 2017 · Products

11 GIFs That Prove Robots are Taking Over


While we haven’t reached a full blown robot-controlled society yet, we might be getting there soon. Not only is there a robot for every boring chore that you don’t feel like doing, but now their skills have grown and have become amazingly diverse. Robots these days can do everything from opening doors to tracking medication. They can teach your kids to read and even rock your baby to sleep. You are basically obsolete. Now that you have a robot army to run your household, let’s take a look at some of the handiest ones on the market.

Personal Assistant Robots

1. Pillo: Your Personal Home Health Robot

Pillo, as the name might imply, not only dispenses your pills at the right time but will also answer questions about health and wellness, and even allow you to videochat with healthcare professionals. It has facial recognition as well so it won’t accidentally give your dog your high blood pressure meds. Pillo will take care of that annoying process of refilling your medication and will alert you when you’re low. Pillo’s got your back, and your insides.

2. Aido: Next Gen Home Robot

Aido is meant to be a ‘friendly’ robot that won’t scare away your kids, because it has facial recognition and responds to touch. Aido will play with your kids, help with household chores, handle your schedule and secure your home. Aido will become your new robot best friend.

3. Moorebot, the coolest animated personal assistant

Moorebot touts itself as being the coolest ‘personal assistant’ but we’ll let you be the judge of that. Moorebot steps in to help in any situation. It can greet customers, take inventory and answer questions in a shop. At work, the Moorebot can organize your calendar, create videos, and send you reminders. When you head home, the Moorebot will sing and dance for your kids, play games, give you recipes and update you on the weather. Sit back and relax, because Moorebot can run your life.

4. Alpha 2, the First Humanoid Robot for the Family!

After watching these robots get into a push-up contest at CES, I’m inclined to agree they are pretty “human-like”. The Alpha 2 is designed to be like “a member of your family” and be an ‘all-in-one’ kind of robot. It can interpret languages, give you medication reminders, tell you the weather, monitor your home and even teach you yoga. Namaste, Alpha 2.

Home Security Robots

5. Orbii: A Mobile Home Security Robot with HD Video

Orbii is your home’s new security guard. Controllable through an app, you can send Orbii to roll around each room as it livestreams video and stores it in the cloud, sending notification updates about your locked doors. Orbii’s camera can be upgraded with an infra-red LEDS, giving you a robot with night vision. Sleep soundly knowing Orbii is armed and ready for any intruder.

6. Robelf – Your Mobile Monitoring Robot!

Robelf is meant to replace your entire home security system. You can set up an automated schedule for Robelf to patrol the house, and send notifications when they see something fishy. Robelf is designed to be easy enough to use by the non-techies in your life and affordable for everyone. Go on vacation knowing that Robelf has got the place locked down.

Education Robots

7. KUBO, the Educational robot for kids aged 3 and up

In the panic to make sure all kids learn how to code so they can grow up to be highly-paid engineers, there is a big marketing opportunity up for products that make coding accessible to children and not like extra homework. Kubo is the latest robot that helps kids learn to code with its own programming language, TagTile, and also includes expansion packs to help with other concepts that young kids are working to master.

8. Marty The Robot

If Kubo doesn’t crack the code you need, try this cute robot, designed to be customizable with 3D printed parts and compatible with single board computers like the Raspberry Pi! Marty makes learning about programming, electronics, and mechanical engineering a fun and engaging process. Kids can make him dance with their programming skills and adjust his eyebrows to give him cute robot feelings. This mini walking robot costs little but does a lot.

9. Xpider: World’s Cutest Spider Robot

Once you get over your fear of spider-robots, the Xspider becomes a pretty handy device. Like a true spider, it goes where you can’t: under desks and between furniture, capturing footage with it’s built-in camera. Have a 3D printer? You can modify and create your own Xpider, showing your friends your unique robot-building skills.

Gaming Robots

10. Ganker: Fighting Robot for the Whole Crew

There’s really nothing better than a robot battle between two friends, and that’s exactly what the Ganker robot is designed for. With Ganker, you can face off with other robots, hosting exciting competitions and epic battles. Even better, you get to customize your robot with specialized weapons and armor. But be careful that it doesn’t turn on you….

11. WooBots – Transformable Wooden Robot

Don’t let this wooden robot fool you, the WooBot is truly amazing and gives Transformers a run for their money. The WooBot is a collection of premium wooden robots designed to change into different shapes in a matter of seconds. It’s not just a robot but a plane, a car, truck or boat. This is perfect for those who can’t decide if they want to live in the past and the present.

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