March 20, 2017 · IGG

Building an IoT product, app or software program? IBM can help


IBM recently teamed up with Arrow and Indiegogo to offer valuable IoT security and analytics services to entrepreneurs enrolled in the Arrow Certification Program — at no cost.  

What does this mean for entrepreneurs?

The IoT industry will have a potential economic impact of between $2.7 to $6.2 trillion over the next 10 years, according to Mckinsey. But, many entrepreneurs working in this space need support in getting to market and fully recognizing their IoT idea.

As a cloud technology partner, IBM is excited to give entrepreneurs access to the resources they need for success, including:

    • Unlimited-time use of Watson IoT platform, delivered in Bluemix
    • Over 50 hours of free IoT Watson Platform training
    • Discounted IBM Bluemix service credits
    • Technical mentoring services

You can learn more about IBM resources or join the Arrow Certification Program here.

Benefits also expanded to entrepreneurs at any stage

In addition to supporting IoT entrepreneurs, Arrow is also expanding its support for entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of their product development.

Arrow Incubation is the first step on the path to Arrow Certification, offering entrepreneurs assistance getting to their first proof of concept or prototype, including access to the Watson IoT platform, product savings, engineer consultation and more.

Since launching last fall, the Arrow Certification Program has been helping Indiegogo entrepreneurs deliver on their ideas, on time and under budget.

Ready to bring your idea to life? Join the Arrow Certification Program today.