April 27, 2017 · IGG

Introducing Update Reactions: A new way to interact with backers


Do you send regular updates to your backers? If you don’t, you’re missing out on an important opportunity to keep backers happy and engaged with your campaign.

In the crowdfunding world, good communication is key — especially when it comes to keeping your supporters up-to-date on your campaign. Now, Indiegogo’s new and improved Update Reactions tool makes it easier than ever to keep backers happy and in the loop, all while gathering valuable feedback.

Update Reactions lets you see how helpful your updates are by allowing recipients to easily interact with you. Choosing one of three reactions, backers can choose to tell you your update is awesome, thank you for keeping them in the loop or request more information. The best part? You can use this feedback (which only you can see) to tailor future communications around the needs of your backers.

iSpin’s recent update got a happy reaction from backers of the colorful Hand Spinner.

Not sure what or when to post?

Backers play a crucial role in crowdfunding, so making them a part of your entrepreneurial journey is a must. But how do you know what to post and when?

Here are a few general rules for creating backer-worthy updates:


  • Send an update at least once every five days. Why? Entrepreneurs who post updates once every five days raise 218% more than those who don’t.  Make sure to send out updates that contain new, campaign-related information.
  • Toot your own horn. Share your campaign achievements as they happen. No matter the milestone, backers feel good knowing  they had a hand in your success.
  • Don’t forget the videos and photos. Backers love to see how you’re doing, too. Sharing videos and photos of your campaign progress can help them feel more involved.
  • Mitigate hard feelings. Clearly communicate when and why there is a delay or change in perks fulfillment. Chances are backers will be more understanding — and less disappointed — if they are kept informed of the challenges you are facing.
  • Reach your entire backer community. Creating a message via your Indiegogo campaign page allows you to update everyone who’s contributed to, favorited or commented on your campaign.


Ready to update your backer community? Visit our Help Center to learn how to send an update.