April 28, 2017 · Products

Get Them Here First: 23 Flash Sale Deals For This Weekend Only


Flash Sale Alert! We’ve got 23 products that are offering amazing deals for this weekend only. Whether you want to upgrade your phone, install home security or finally invest in an electric scooter – now’s the time! These products are guaranteed to ship within the stated time or your money back! Now’s your chance to support a small business by purchasing straight from the entrepreneur – and you save! Check out these 23 flash sale deals and grab them while they last:

For Your Phone

1) The Product: Real Carbon Fiber Phone cases use one of the toughest materials to protect your phone from scratching and breaks.

The Deal: 20% off Real Carbon Fiber phone cases this weekend only!


2) The Product: The Fuelbox Ultimate Charging Solution & Extra boostPack is a docking station and mobile battery pack in one device so you can charge your devices for 25 extra hours of power.

The Deal: 45% off retail value ($200) for the weekend.


3) The Product: Topaz Glass offers a strong glass and screen protector for the iPhone 6 / 7. The FillGlass Nanotechnolgy Coating protects the glass and makes it much more durable and efficient for a longer period of time.


The Deal: Up to 37% off retail for the weekend.


4) The Product: The Alt. Case Minimalist Magnetic Case is a minimalist iPhone case with drop protection technology and built-in magnetic mounting solution for your home, work space and car.

The Deal: Mount your phone anywhere for 10% off, while supplies last.


5) The Product: HUDWAY Glass is a smartphone accessory that turns your phone into a Head-Up Display to increase driving safety and comfort.

The Deal: Upgrade your car for 10% off this weekend.


6) The Product: iPhone Glow Gel skins are long lasting, glow-in-the-dark phone covers. They can stay lit for over 12 hours so you can always find your phone in backpacks, purses, or any dark situation.

The Deal: Save nearly 30% off this weekend only and never be in the dark again.


7) The Product: The Pakpod is the ultimate adventure tripod with stabilizing stakes. Compact, lightweight, waterproof, and super-fast, Pakpod is designed to be set up in wildly asymmetrical positions.

The Deal: With a hefty 33% discount this weekend, there’s never been a better time to stake out your next adventure.


8) The Product: The Morning Sidekick Journal uses science & research to help you hack your habits. You can make it fun and easy to finally have the best morning, every morning.

The Deal: Habit Nest is offering 45% off of this journal this weekend only. And to help you get started, they’ll be immediately sending over a full fillable digital PDF of the journal for every customer who buys it.


9) The Product: Bullet2.0 True Wireless Earbuds by Schatzii offers state-of-the-art audio at its finest. These small and lightweight Bluetooth earbuds provide unrivaled style and comfort for all day listening pleasure.

The Deal: CVC Active Noise Reduction,12X charge with the portable Charging Case, ergonomic design – all for 34% off retail until Monday!


10) The Product: QuietOn Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs is a perfect companion for traveling, work, study, focus and relaxation. The world’s first and only active noise cancelling earplugs – created for you to feel better.

The Deal: 15% so you can sleep soundly, for this weekend only!


11) The Product: Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs preserve sound quality while reducing noise levels.

The Deal: Check them out at 40% off normal retail price this weekend!


12) The Product: The Treblab XR500 wireless headphones use Bluetooth 4.1 CSR technology with aptX and cutting edge components. Listen to music like it’s live, made specially for sports, running or working out.



The Deal: Treblab offers a lifetime warranty of their products, if they break, they’ll replace them. And for this weekend only – it’s 17% off.

Health & Fitness

13) The Product: MOVE IT Smart Personal Trainer is an award-winning home gym and personal training system that neatly assembles into a compact and elegant device.

The Deal: Get 43% off regular retail this weekend only!


14) The Product: This standing desk is made of solid and high quality 18mm birch plywood, designed in the Humbleworks London studio and crafted in small batches in the UK. The desk features steel suspension cables and pins that balance the hourglass form of the stand, contrasting beautifully with the organic wood frame.

The Deal: 20% off retail and comes with a free laptop stand.


15) The Product: The Juno Jumper V2 is an ultra small and powerful battery pack. Recharge your phone, ipad and jumpstart  your car. You’ll always have power.

The Deal: Down from the standard $89, the Juno Jumper is selling for $65 (+ shipping) this weekend only.


16) The Product: The Convertible Vbag is a 5-in-1 backpack that can be used in 5 different ways, and zips out to expand by 6 inches.

The Deal: 63% off this weekend ships in 2 days in time for summer vacations.


17) The Product: CAST PACK is a modular, compact fishing rod that allows you to travel anywhere in the world, without worrying about damaging or breaking your fishing pole.

The Deal: In addition to being 26% off, the makers are offering an additional extra heavy spring-pole for harder lures and bigger fish!


18) The Product:  USCOOTERS ECO ELECTRIC SCOOTER makes getting to and from places fast and fun. They even have a lightweight, foldable model, making it easy to carry anywhere.

The Deal: Cruise around town with 6% off retail value.


19) The Product: LANTERN Platinum Plus is the ultimate portable light. Light any space, charge any device & mount to your bike.

The Deal: At 27% off, LANTERN Platinum+ has never been more affordable. Grab yours now!

Cool & Unusual

20) The product: Spot is a smart home camera that features groundbreaking security solutions. The sound recognition feature identifies and notifies users of carbon monoxide and smoke alarm sirens. Time Lapse custom videos allow families to recap whole days in moments.

The Deal: At 40% off this weekend, you simply can’t pass up this chance to secure your home.


21) The Product: MicFlip is a fully reversible micro USB cable that has data and charging in both sides and is compatible with all micro USB ports.

The Deal: At 40% off retail, this is the lowest price offered both on and offline.


22) The Product: YONO in-ear ovulation predictor is the only wearable earbud to measure basal body temperature (BBT), which may be used in predicting ovulation, natural family planning and understanding female hormonal health.

The Deal: At 31% off this weekend, now is your chance to make fertility charting effortless.


23) The Product: Eatwell is a tableware set specifically designed for people with dementia. With over 20 assistive features and a vibrant color tone that studies have shown reduces visual confusion and increases food intake by 24% and liquid intake by 84%, Eatwell helps support independent eating and reduces caregiving tasks.

The Deal: With 19% off this is the best deal offered so far. 

When you buy straight from the maker, you can get the best deals. Don’t miss out on the flash sale this weekend. Check out other unique products in our marketplace